Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms – A half bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home. But that doesn’t make it the easiest place to decorate. It is often used in the community, so you want it to look as beautiful and attractive as other unusual places in your home, but you are not sure what to do or where to start. Be safe! Think of this small space as a design challenge. This small space can be the perfect testing ground for any new design ideas you’ve been trying out.

The possibilities are endless. Brighten up a drab space with one of these bathroom paint colors or use a cute and whimsical way to add wallpaper to your bathroom. Change doesn’t have to be forever! Even if you’re trying to redo half a bathroom from top to bottom with bright bathroom lighting ideas or cute bathroom tile ideas, the changes will be relatively quick considering the small space. From there, you can work on more projects, including small bathroom storage ideas and more general bathroom organization ideas. With a little love and a lot of moxie, this little space could become your new favorite room in the house!

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Crisp paint color brightens the half bath in this rustic barn with Z-style base cabinets.

Best Diy Bathroom Ideas And Designs For 2022

Add a feminine touch to your farmhouse half bath by hanging a striped fabric skirt under the vanity.

When the walls, sink, toilet and tiles are this white, there’s no doubt that your half bath is clean!

What’s the best recipe for a stylish spring half bath? Floral wallpaper, a distressed turquoise box and a vintage brass mirror.

Give your half of the bathroom extra space with a vintage rolling cart that holds toiletries, towels and more.

Powder Room Ideas To Enhance A Tiny Half Bath

Navy finishes on the reclaimed wood walls and vanity base create a cozy half bath that’s more sultry than stuffy.

White subway tile, beige cabinets, and cream wall art soften this half-bath space.

For a half bath with limited space, add extra storage to the outside of the room, such as a bright purple cabinet with tin doors.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Large open windows allow plenty of natural light into this half bath, while tall bushes outside hide things.

Best Small Bathroom Ideas

Replacing a pedestal sink with a multipurpose sink gives an elegant, dated half-bathroom a rustic touch.

Keep your half bath cozy by placing a red and white throw as a wall covering out of sight.

Tiles with fun prints and a new sink give this half bathroom a modern touch without losing its rustic charm.

This half bathroom feels fresh and clean with a black bucket-style vanity, nautical-inspired striped wallpaper, and red accents on pendant lights and storage benches.

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Transform a vintage refreshment cart into fun half bath decor by adding plumbing fixtures and wall faucets.

Shiplap walls, wood-sided mirrors and concrete sinks: the only thing these items have in common is how well they go together.

The floral-inspired powder room takes it a step further by replacing a simple sink with a stone garden urn.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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21 Painted Floor Ideas Shop Wayfair Cool Farmhouse Sales Find The Best Nursery Deals Wayfair’s Way Daily Sale Home Decor Coastal Cowgirl Half Bath Renovation Where To Shop. How hard can it be? We realized it was such a small space that it took no time at all! My husband is very helpful, talented and ready for this refresh. It was actually a challenge because of its size. Everything had to fit and fit in that small space. After all, it has been the sponge of our time. My vision and bathroom style often changed due to the lack of items required for a specific finish and shape. But in the end it all came together and we are very happy with her final look! Here are some small bathroom design ideas and inspiration for them!

If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom at home, here are some small bathroom design ideas and inspiration for each item we’ve posted. If you have someone around you can handle the job, otherwise just hire someone. If you get everything and know what you want in your space, it won’t take long. All you need to do is create a focal point and vision for your space so that it is unified. Refreshing your bathroom will fit perfectly and turn it from drab to fancy!

Free Download Half Bathroom After Sherwin Williams Sea Salt [2112×2816] For Your Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

It used to be a dark bathroom. It was a typical 70’s bathroom with all the trimmings. I couldn’t wait to redo this bathroom and turn it into a beauty! This refresh brought it back to life and it really shined!

The original look I wanted for this bathroom was more of a modern farmhouse look, but the vanity really added to the whole vibe. Everything rustic and modern was either too big or too expensive and I had to adjust my vision. I went back and forth (several times…ask my husband) about the color I wanted in this bathroom. As a librarian, I tend to be very indecisive. I’m surprised it hasn’t killed me yet! We bought this porcelain tile a few months before we remodeled this bathroom, so we decided on the whole design. I loved the serious detailing of these tiles and knew that the upper part of the bathroom needed a stronger, sharper style for contrast.

So instead of matching the black and white tiles completely, we balance them with a dark gray color on the walls. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn, an almost classic charcoal color. It’s dark enough to create that contrast, but it doesn’t make the whole room as dark as black. Dad was painting the house, and when I picked the color, all I could hear in my head was, “Paint the bathroom black? What are you mad about?” Fortunately, he liked the finished product.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Now that we had decided on a dark charcoal color, we had to figure out a way to keep this small bathroom bright and clean. It was boards and nails! We have so many boards and planks in our house that now my husband is the installer. Once you get the dimensions and materials down, it goes up really quickly and makes a great statement. We created a grid and aligned it over the top quarter of the wall to contrast with the dark charcoal color.

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Did I mention my love for gold? I was working on this space in black and white, but knew I had to incorporate gold. It has a way of making everything look great, and it looks great in black and gold. The kitchen next to this bathroom has gold decorations and a gold faucet, so I think it makes more sense. After some brainstorming, I found this gold faucet that my husband and I agreed on and other nuts in the room. But gold can be difficult to match. Be extra careful when choosing anything online.

In addition to the gold faucet, I needed a gold towel rack and a toilet paper rack. Sometimes the choice of specific finishes can be limited, but we were able to find options we liked and went for a very streamlined, modern look for both. A handkerchief with a hood also fits perfectly into the general atmosphere of the bathroom.

Of course I also had to apply the toilet flush (husband thought I was crazy and pretended I had no gold).

This vanity has been the bane of my existence. Finally we found this vanity in white to match the style with the lower part of the wall. We didn’t like the button (silver) that the original unit had, so we swapped it out and replaced it with a thin gold button to match the second unit. It’s an easy way to update your furniture to your liking if you don’t like every detail.

This Bathroom Tile Design Idea Changes Everything

The mirror had to be a certain size to fit the kitten snugly.

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