Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally On Dogs

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Dealing with fleas and ticks is never fun – for you or your dog. That is why regular prevention against these pests is the best solution. But if you’re worried about using chemicals to prevent ticks and fleas on your dog, you’re not alone. Thousands of pet parents are looking for safe, natural ways to get rid of fleas and ticks, and here we have proven – and very simple – solutions for you… these 5 ways to fight fleas safely.)

Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally On Dogs

Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally On Dogs

Fleas and ticks can’t survive on citrus, so getting rid of them is as easy as grabbing a few lemons from your fruit bowl. Lemons are an affordable (and delicious) natural way to ward off these pests.

Natural Flea Repellents For Dogs And How To Get Rid Of Fleas

To avoid fleas and ticks, spray your dog before going outside with your pet (be careful to avoid eyes). If you are dealing with these pests indoors, you can also spray morning and night on curtains and furniture where your pet is.

Fleas are hardy where they live and outdoors, they avoid sunny, open areas, choosing shady, cool places like trees, lots of leaves and trees. By cutting your leaves and staying on top of crops and harvests, you will create a hostile environment for these pesky pests. You can be proactive by planting plants and herbs that repel fleas and ticks in your garden or in pots on your deck. Here are some popular ones that are easy to grow and non-toxic to dogs and cats:

This stapling cabinet is a great solution for naturally repelling fleas and ticks because these pests can’t stand their smell. In a spray bottle, mix 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water and spray your pet before climbing or spending time outside. Voila – flea and tick prevention!

Not just for soups and casseroles! Rosemary is an excellent natural flea and tick repellent. If you like essential oils, you can add a few drops to your dog’s collar or dilute 5 drops with water in a spray bottle and use on your dog’s coat. Or you can grind this herb with equal parts of rhubarb, wormwood, fennel, and peppermint and sprinkle the powder wherever you suspect fleas in your home, from window sills to carpets and floorboards.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas And Itchy Dog Skin

Trusted by vets, groomers and pet parents like you, pet shampoo is the best for dogs to keep pets clean and fresh and helps prevent ticks and fleas – naturally. It has a unique composition with essential oils of lemon peel and vinegar to act as a natural flea and tick repellent. Our pH-balanced formula with silk amino acids conditions dogs’ coats and is 100% non-toxic. Most importantly – what’s not in your formula. No itchy ingredients such as alcohol or fragrances. Pet shampoo is gentle and safe for all pets, especially those with allergies. With every bath you get a fresh, clean pet and protection from fleas and ticks.

POSTSCRIPT. From head to tail, they have great pet care products that you can always feel good about using on your pets. Check .Fleas are a health concern for any dog. Fleas will irritate your dog and cause excessive scratching once they are in your home, but they will also lay eggs on your furniture, carpets, and anywhere else they can reach.

We recommend that you follow your vet’s advice, but if you’re serious about going natural, the good news is that there are many ways to treat fleas on dogs naturally without the use of chemicals. If you’re wondering how to get rid of fleas on your dog’s hair, on your dog’s skin, inside your home, and even out in the garden, read on for 30 natural flea treatment tips at home.

Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally On Dogs

If your dog is scratching and you think it is flea related, there are several home remedies for fleas for dogs. Whether you’re looking for a homemade collar, comb, dip, rub, or something else, we have tons of ways to treat fleas on dogs without using chemicals.

Tropiclean Natural Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs

Some essential oils make excellent treatments for dogs. Citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and rosemary naturally repel fleas. If your dog doesn’t mind a spray bottle, mix a few drops of your chosen oil with 300ml-400ml of water and spray your dog’s coat. It is important to be aware that essential oils such as tea tree oil can be very harmful to pets unless properly diluted (.1%-1%) – read more here. Do not use a home remedy with essential oils on your pet unless you have verified the safety from a reputable source like and talked to your veterinarian.

We love this Walk Your Dog With Love essential oil blend. This medicine is natural, affordable and very effective against fleas, ticks and all kinds of small mites. Plus, the oil blend is non-toxic and safe for dogs and the family. It is available on their website here. (We also love the dog leashes – they’re cute!)

The beauty of apple cider vinegar is that it is a natural way to treat fleas on dogs by balancing the dog’s pH level, which is ideal for your dog’s health but not out of control. Dilute six cups of apple cider vinegar in four cups of water, add sea salt and spray directly onto your dog’s coat. Be sure to avoid your dog’s eyes.

This lemon bath is easy to use and will keep your pet smelling fresh and flea free. Simply dilute half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon in two cups of water, then add your regular pet-friendly soap or shampoo for a natural way to treat fleas on dogs.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Newborn Puppies

Any pet-friendly shampoo that produces soap will naturally kill existing fleas. Natural is always the best choice when choosing pesticides, so choose an organic shampoo with no added chemicals. Once your dog is adequately controlled, let the shampoo sit for a few minutes while it does its job. This is a good way to kill existing fleas before turning to flea medications.

We recommend this shampoo to any pet owner looking for a powerful flea shampoo, but with natural ingredients. This shampoo kills fleas on contact, can be used with topical flea and tick products, is safe for dogs and puppies, and keeps fleas away for up to 7 days afterward.

Our Dog Itch Relief Recommendation: TropicalClean Neem & Citrus Flea & Tick Itch Relief Dog Shampoo

Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally On Dogs

Natural composition with neem and citrus fruits to reduce infestation by fleas and ticks. Remember, this shampoo is not intended to combat flea infestations, for which we recommend the TropiClean maximum strength formula listed above.

Natural Ways To Control Your Dog’s Fleas

If your dog likes to play in the water, this rosemary dip will seem more fun than a flea medicine. Soak fresh rose petals in boiling water, then strain the mixture and rinse thoroughly with warm water. When the water reaches a comfortable temperature, pour the mixture over your dog and let him dry naturally.

Neem oil is a natural insect repellent and one of the lesser known remedies. If you can find this oil, which is native to Burma, Sri Lanka and parts of India, you can apply it directly to your dog’s coat, add it to your regular natural dog shampoo, or dilute it completely to make your own flea spray. . .

By replacing your regular dog shampoo with a natural soap, such as organic peppermint soap or organic rose soap, you can bathe your dog as usual and have a great flea-free scent.

If you are familiar with aromatherapy, you can create an aromatherapy bundle that will not only treat flea infestations but also prevent future occurrences while acting as a natural tranquilizer for your dog. Try sweet almond oil as a base oil, then add drops of atlas cedar oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, laurel oil, myrrh oil, and lavender oil.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs & Do Natural Remedies Work

Can coconut oil do anything? Coconut oil can help treat fleas in many ways. Rubbing a tablespoon of coconut oil directly on your dog’s coat will not only get rid of fleas, but it will make the coat shiny and reduce body odor. When included in your dog’s regular diet, coconut oil can help treat intestinal parasites due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

A homemade flea collar is a smart way to keep your dog’s defenses in check without spraying or rubbing with a mixture. Then buy or make simple collars or strips

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