French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

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As design lovers, we know that we don’t have to be picky – after all, the bathroom is our favorite place. (A room entirely dedicated to rest and relaxation? Yes, please.) Each bathroom is fitted with a wardrobe to the nines, and more if you wish.

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

For you, you may want to consider the French style. Equal parts luxurious and simple, this French style bathroom invites you to kick back and relax.

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So, how do you bring this unique look to your property? Read on for 17 beautiful French bathroom ideas. From small changes or big changes, there is something for everyone here.

As this basic bathroom from My Chic Obsession proves, a little creativity can go a long way. Here, blogger Carolyn Arentson turned a fun table into a deep vanity. It strikes a good balance between luxury and country with beautiful details and natural wood.

There is something about the small, hexagonal bowls that instantly transports us to the Champs-Élysées. If you want to bring this wonderful illusion into the country, combine smooth floors with subway tiles, decorative sculptures and curved ceilings. Nesting With Grace blogger Brooke Christen has become familiar with this peaceful landscape.

When it comes to bathroom accessories that exude a classic, French feel, you can’t go wrong with brass. But, if you want to give the metal that you love the most, combine it with details.

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Here, Blogger Alisa Bovino added greenery, beautiful leaves and sweet flowers to the mix. Monogrammed towels reflect light, making a French country bathroom look like a five-star hotel.

Does it get more French than a table and a good leg? No, that’s the ultimate French bathroom idea. Cathy Hong brought a bit of country to the mix with wooden stairs and brick walls.

If you want to make your sink stand out, consider combining it with well-placed tiles. The printed materials used by Lisa Gilmore on this site come to life in private photos.

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

Another way to lift your nails is to carry something heavy like a bronze shoe or a pointed toe. Let Austin interior designer Erin Williamson show you how to create a modern installation.

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Great renovations have no limits, and as the house style of the blazer proves, it can take the French vibe forward. We love this flower wall in a shade of green and the old fence.

Like a beautiful waterfall. This European piece has been given a rustic edge thanks to this beach rug from Victoria Bell.

If you want to add “country” to your French bathroom ideas, use natural wood. If you need inspiration, look no further than Stephanie Hoy Interiors. When combined with a sweet flower wall, the light sound of wood will transport you to a beautiful house in Provence.

What is black, white and pink everywhere? This French bathroom idea is by Ashley Montgomery. The color palette is very different from that of Europe—especially when paired with an ankle strap—so the variety doesn’t feel overwhelming in this space.

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When it comes to making a contrast, you can also think about mixing power and making the black color more successful. Interior designer Katie LeClercq nailed this look by analyzing white vanities and marble countertops.

Whoever said that beauty is understood, surely many are talking about art. If you want to bring a little bit of the Louvre into your bathroom, we’ll let you put some of your most beautiful pieces here. Here Katie LeClercq used beautiful frames to hold simple maps. What’s next? A perfect combination of rustic and Royal.

One of the best things about French neighborhoods is that they are full of rich yet unique touches. If your place doesn’t have honey pots, consider adding a feature to the bathroom. Let this space from JK Interior Living serve as the perfect inspiration.

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

Of course, there’s more to a French bathroom than its luxurious surroundings. Some of the best sites have additional equipment that works together. With wooden floors, a marble pool and brass accents, Kate Marker’s place is finished in style.

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When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with symmetry. In this bathroom vanity from Britt Design Studio, matching mirrors and shades create a striking aesthetic in French bathrooms. (The similarity of the trace leads the eye to the beautiful picture.)

Are you looking for an easy way to bring the spirit of the French countryside into any bathroom? Just add a glass. This high-quality mirror from Braxton Cole offers even the most modern wall

In fact, it is impossible to discuss French bathroom ideas without mentioning the toilet. Equal parts beautiful and beautiful, this wallpaper offers the best of both worlds. The good news is that poop isn’t all one color. Designer Emily Henderson breathes new life into this style with a fun illustration. We share the best home decor ideas, furniture ideas, cool items and interior design tips from America’s hottest women.

Looking for the best French bathroom decorating ideas? We are here to help! If you love to decorate the country of France, you may be wondering how to achieve your style in your bathroom. These French bathrooms hope to inspire you in many ways. We are always inspired by rooms that look like they belong in a cafe in the south of France.

Say Bonjour To The Top French Country Design And Decor Ideas

Wherever you live, you’ll be very happy to find that achieving this look in your home is easier than you think! You see, many Americans fell in love with the beautiful style of France, and because of this, many furniture and decorations can be found with this design. You just have to know where to look!

We’re ready to share with you the best French bathroom ideas we’ve found online to guide you in your decision making! From bath towels to antique mirrors, there are plenty of beautiful decorative items to steal from your bathroom! Let’s see.

Much of the French design is based on vintage pieces, such as a beautiful botanical basin with blue floral motifs in its basin. A brass counter is combined with a marble top to complete the look of this French bathroom!

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

The warm, brown material in this space helps to warm it up. A touch of country, like a purple basket and toilet paper or a purple wooden leg with towels, give the place a rustic charm!

Bath House Bathroom Sign Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Wall

A free-standing shower or bathtub is the French bathroom in a country house! Since you have so much space, why not go outside when you shower? An old wooden shelf can hold all your swimwear. Finally, I love the vintage wall hanging and the hexagons on the terra-cotta floor here.

The French love to decorate with gold. From French gold mirror on the wall to beautiful gold bathroom accessories, there are several ways to add gold to your space. This bathroom has antique gold sconces and a vintage wall clock for decoration.

I love this American version of a French bathroom that uses an old wooden table as a double-winged vanity! The antique white mirror behind the piece is a great touch. Finally, two matching wall sconces like cute pink sheep in a white farmhouse vase brighten up the space! A small country basket fits perfectly under the family’s white towels.

A French classic in a sparkling marble bathroom! Foot trays with gold legs and gold fittings, precious wooden bathtubs, small stool, antique gold mirror, two-tone crystal sconces, antique wooden arms and a pink bathtub – this bathroom has it all!

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A shower curtain makes this bathroom ‘French’. I think it’s a good mix of old fashioned design with French flair.

Blue plaid / gingham curtains forever! How beautiful is this place? Love everything about it. I’m also from a French royal family – not an American one!

So this bathroom is minimal and elegant, yet very French. Instead of the gold wall mirror, white colored glass was taken. Same design, different colors. it’s working! The crystal transmitter has a silver frame instead of gold. If you want a modern and contemporary French bathroom with old world inspiration, this is the design for you!

French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

Love the mirror wall of old empty frames hanging on the wall in this bathroom. Antique paintings and a vintage wall mirror complete the space beautifully. It is fertile

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