French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget – In this post: If you love French decor but aren’t afraid to spend good old fashioned money, here are 10 ways to stay on budget by mixing the real and the fake.⇒

Undoubtedly, the best way to bring the French country style into your home is to decorate with authentic French furniture from the past. But this can cost you a pretty penny.

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Instead, my favorite way to stay on budget is to balance my expensive purchases with my cheap produce. I cut back on a few key pieces in each room to give it a sense of royalty, but replace the craziness with new, beautiful pieces.

Ways To Add French Country Interior Design Style To Your Home

You can only decide how to reduce your purchases, as each of us does in our budget. But even just accenting a painted table with an antique silver bowl will add a sense of family tree to your decor.

Since this is the perfect way to decorate my home, I’ve put together 10 ways to use French decor and stay on budget by mixing real and fake. I’ve even broken it down into 10 parts, showing you how I use both options in my home.

(To avoid making the post too long, I have divided it into two parts and this first post, Part 1, covers 5 of these categories. You can click on Part 2 at the bottom of this article.)

I love crystal and copper. They add the final touch of flavor to the room and if I had to choose I would have one in each room. I love the look of antique lighting, but while this is one category where you can find great products on antiques, when you repurpose them into your modern home, you’re more than likely to add to the cost. However, I like to look for better recommendations. For our upstairs dining room, I bought a vintage piece that had been reupholstered. The dining room is the main space where most of my pieces were on the new side, so I thought it was the perfect place to dive into the vintage.

Best French Décor Ideas

However, in our kitchen over the island I used the new mini 3 light fixture. Since I needed three of these places, the price was worth it. It’s rare to find three of the same vintage pieces, so this is a great place to shop for new items.

In the breakfast room, vintage was important to me, because the furniture here was also all bought new. I wanted an old piece to add energy to the room. Reproduction of the table and chairs, in this case I saved.

This is one of the easiest areas to save money when buying reproduction parts. From the side chair, seen below, to the wicker chairs pictured below, you can achieve the perfect French look without breaking the bank.

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

In contrast, the gold end chairs bring that vintage feel to a space dominated by new tables and chairs.

French Country Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

The mix of seating in this breakfast room is always a fan favorite, myself included. Everything is new, but if you decide to do the same with the vintage chairs, they are mixed but look good. It’s much easier to find an expensive chair or something in a vintage store than it is to find a complete set.

A great way to bring a touch of French flair to your home is with a gold plated clock. You have to be careful when using reproductions here to get things that are not visible and cheap.

The clock on my mantel is a new piece, but the gold is so light that it avoids that manufactured look. I actually painted it a bit with a dry brush technique, to bring up the height and give it an old look.

This is a great example of how I mix old and new, as the mirror is vintage while the clock and urns are new.

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My latest purchase is the beautiful watch above. This is a true French story, but I was lucky enough to see one in action. It’s on a wooden box, but most of the other items in the room are on the new side.

Another vintage piece is the small watch below and I admit that collecting watches is becoming my obsession. This doesn’t work, so it wasn’t too expensive, but I like the lines and what it gives to the space. It’s a little luxury that adds a touch of old-world style to a guest room that doesn’t have a lot of vintage pieces.

This cute chippy cherub was found at a yard sale of vintage and new items. It’s really broken and really heavy, but I wish I could find older parts like this. Cherubs and angels read the French countryside to me, but vintage garden pieces are hard to come by.

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

The bottom part is a simple piece of resin and unfortunately not as accurate as the top part, but it was very cheap and adding a crown gives you a real look. The wooden seat is also a reproduction, while the mirror in the back was found on the antique market.

French Country Decor Ideas: 36 Beautiful Looks For Every Room |

As much as I love mirrors, I also love sconces, with many of my mirrors on one side as couples. The bottoms are new, but I love the old vibe they bring to the space.

The sconces in my downstairs room, on the other hand, were brought from Sorrento, which is my favorite way to find antique pieces (although my husband is not interested in taking them to Italy!) These had wires to work with Incandescent lamps, but they had wires Europeans don’t match ours, so I decided to plug it in and leave it at that.

These 5 categories I have presented offer some of the best ways to add French style, through the classics, to your home. But as you can see, each class also offers great options to mix with your old pieces.

Click HERE to see part 2 of this post, including 5 more design categories that work well in vintage and new. When it’s well coordinated in your different rooms, it can help you stay on budget while decorating your home with the best French style.

What Is French Country Style?

To get a look, click on the item below to connect directly to the product. Where specifics are no longer available, I have provided similar options. If something is missing but can be reviewed, I’ve left it on the list.

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram and Amazon store. Enjoy!! The style of the French country is interesting, beautiful and very cheap as you can use the fla market here. This type of style is now a style of design, because vintage and shabby chic decor with rustic details are inviting and relaxing. We’ve already shared a few ideas for rocking this style in different spaces, and today we’re going to look at French living rooms.

Go for neutrals and pastels, nothing bold and colorful, all these styles are associated with simple shapes and colors that are why they are quiet and calm. White and cream are definitely your choice, and pastels can add a pop of color if you need it. All white rooms with silver accents, floral designs on the walls, furniture and textiles are amazing for this type of design.

French Country Decorating Ideas On A Budget

To make the room stand out, you can play with the texture. Use natural tones and white wood, silver, different fabrics and upholstery, and even stone and brick if you want – on the walls or on the fireplace. Metal lamps and crystal chandeliers add to the look of the room.

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Fur rugs, metal lamps, crystal chandeliers, and wrought iron sculptures add interest to the room.

Your furniture choices are vintage, shabby chic and rustic – a great mix of all the elements. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, just go to the flea market and buy whatever you want, and then give this tool a good-looking, embarrassing look using different techniques and techniques. Choose the right crystal glass for the perfect look, it’s important for the interior. We’ve shared the best home design ideas, interior design tips, the best products, and home decorating tips for stylish women in America.

Are you looking for French country living rooms to inspire you to design your French home? Look no further! We have the best french style bedrooms you can find online.

When it comes to the bedroom, you want to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests. In the living room you spend time with your family and friends, watching TV and chatting endlessly. Bee

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