Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

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We’ve been moving into our new house for about two weeks now and have finished the renovations and it feels like home. The first room is our master bath. Since the master bedroom was set up the way we wanted it, we thought this was a good place to start because there is no real door separating the two spaces, and the bathroom is a direct link from the bedroom. of each word.

Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

If you don’t have the time or resources to finish the rooms in your home, the best way to make the empty spaces look better is to keep them clean. We’ve loved Scott® toilet paper since the beginning, and their new Scott® ComfortPlus™ toilet paper is the only toilet paper designed for everyday comfort and a little pampering. Safe, comfortable with a thick and plush coating, this Scott® toilet paper is strength tested and designed for comfort. It’s three times stronger when it’s septic safe, which is the best of both worlds in my book.

Best Diy Vanity Mirror Ideas To Craft Your Own • Its Overflowing

Toilet paper aside, I also like to clean our bathroom every day so I don’t miss anything. We like to use Scott® Brand absorbent paper feet because they have clean edges that quickly and efficiently absorb dirt, leaving a clean and dry surface.

The first thing we did was paint the cabinets white and add modern black hardware to the drawers and doors. Then we decided to make a mirror to make it beautiful. Buying custom framed mirrors can be expensive. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If we do it ourselves with wood, paint, and glue, we can put this project together for about $30. This is a huge savings at a fraction of the cost to get the same look. At the end of the day. Really worth it.

The first step is to measure the length and width of the mirror to determine how much wood you need.

Once you have your wood, cut your paper to your measurements, cut the paper at a 45 degree angle so that all four corners are equal. You will need two widths and two lengths.

Best Small Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas With A Difference

After cutting, you will find the tree. We bought a small hat at the store, then cleaned and dyed the other side and let it dry overnight before painting. Since it is mirrored, you have to stain both sides or you will see the raw back of the boards in the mirror. Trust us, we know.

Once your board is painted, use a bead on the back of each board and attach them to the mirror. You may have two hands to hold the boards while the board dries. After about 15 minutes, everyone should be ready to leave together and admire your work.

Right now you can get Scott® ComfortPlus™ 12ct Mega Roll for $4.25 and Scott® Paper Towels 6ct Mega Roll for $5.25 at your local Family Dollar store. Bring in the smart coupon on 02-10/22 to save even more. In this article: Do you want an easy way to make a boring face in the bathroom? Make this easy DIY farmhouse bathroom mirror this weekend and have a better bathroom come Monday!

Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

We’re excited to share a DIY farmhouse bathroom mirror tutorial here at Ashley Dear Happiness!

Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Every Style

My favorite thing about this mirror is that it doesn’t take anything to set it up! It’s a rough start, but it’s great! So get ready to build your own, or you’ll want to ditch the house and renovate!

1. Cut four 4-inch by 4-inch pieces of wood – two pieces will be cut to the length of the mirror and two to the height. Cut the corners using a mushroom box or preferably a mushroom glass (for more corners). Your measurements will be on the outside corners.

3. Using a lint-free cloth, blot the stain. Let sit for 5 minutes, then wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth. Dry thoroughly. . Find both sides of the tree because it will be oriented towards the unfinished side… take my word for it; )!

4. When the stain is completely dry, wash the gray surface. For this I mix 1 part paint to 1 part water (maybe a little more water) until it reaches a watery consistency. Then, using a brush, apply the gray/water mixture to the stain and immediately blot with a cloth. This will give a gray look. It will look dull, which is good because it will add shine when you apply it. Let dry.

Honey Farmhouse Mirror Country Framed Mirror Wood Mirror

5. Once the gray wash is completely dry, I go ahead and seal it with Helmsman’s Spray Lacquer to protect it. This spray is designed for outdoor furniture and protects wood from moisture, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature! If you’re not super paranoid about wood like I am, you can use regular poly if you want.

4. Add wood glue to the cut corners and trim carefully to create your frame. Using a staple gun, staple the back of the corners of the frame.

5. Use dark corners if you can find them. But if you can only find ones with a nice metallic color, paint them. I used Rusty’s Black Hammer Spray Paint and let it dry thoroughly before gluing the brackets to the corners of the frame.

Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

6. Now for the fun part! To invite. Since I change my decor often, I decided to apply 3M Command Strips directly to the mirror according to the instructions on the package. I used 4 of each board. If you want, you can hang the frame on the wall or stick it on the mirror. The choice depends on you and your bathroom. Vingli Farmhouse Mirror, 30

Tip: If your bathroom mirror has large plastic frames, replace them with small washers. This should help the frame sit better with the mirror and wall!

This project can be completed within a week. And I’m sure you will after a few weeks of work! For more ideas, try these 10 easy ways to transform your home this weekend! When we built the Old Salt Farm, we knew glass was going to be on our list, so we incorporated glass into the design level. and it will save us a lot of money. They are finally done and I am in love! It’s amazing the difference adding these simple mirrors will make to your bathroom. If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your bathroom, framing a designer mirror is a great place to start!

It was a 1-2 day project, but only because we had to dry both the material and the paint. If you are drawing, it will be a little faster. A very reasonable price – less than $20 for a bathroom.

I used a 1×4 (which is actually 3.5 inches) because my mirror isn’t very big, and a wide wooden mirror will take up most of the space. If I had a really big mirror, I would make a 1×6 (5.5 inches wide) instead.

Farmhouse Bathrooms That Invite In

Some I painted, others I painted, then white and sanded. You can do whatever you want – color, page, etc.

You can match the edges of the wood to the corners, but I like straight. It’s also very easy to do.

1/2 inch flat sheet to cut space above the plastic clips that hold the mirror.

Farmhouse Vanity Mirror Ideas

Cut the wood to length. First measure the sides, which is the height of the mirror. The top and bottom pieces will be cut to fit the space left in the middle. For example, if your mirror is 20 inches long and 20 inches wide, your sides will be 20 inches long, and the top and bottom pieces will be 13 inches long. Approaches

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas For 2023

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