Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

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Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

When you think of HGTV, you probably think of “Modern Ranch.” But the look goes beyond what you’d see at a home improvement show. The modern farmhouse style is all about creating warm and welcoming spaces that feel fresh and contemporary without being too trendy. Rooted in other design styles such as minimalism and Scandinavian, the modern farmhouse bathroom is above all calm and peaceful.

White Bathrooms With Wood Accents And A Wealth Of Warmth

There are many ways to incorporate modern farmhouse style into a bathroom, but often there are a few key details that bring that style. From rugged recycled wood to classic accents, focus on the important details in this universal aesthetic.

We’ve rounded up our favorite modern farmhouse bathrooms and asked the pros for their tips and tricks for working with this style.

Elements of a modern farmhouse can feel a bit clunky, but the décor definitely stands out. According to Accent Prone founder Cheri Lingafelt, “a modern farmhouse looks more modern and fancier than a rustic one.”

It’s important to add a bit of minimalism or modernity to the space to avoid farmhouse elements that feel too country-style.

Best Small Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas With A Difference

How about a fun way to add some modern farmhouse flair to a rather modern bathroom? “Another sliding barn door.” said Lingafelt. This will give you more room to work, making it suitable for smaller spaces as well as adding the visual interest needed to elevate your bathroom.

Metal + Petal co-founder Jade Joyner focuses on her clean, simple touches to evoke the look and feel of her modern farmhouse in her own space. “The home’s bathroom is best known for its matte black hardware and white subway tile, Chip and Joanna,” she says Joyner.

Don’t be afraid to add cologne, Joyner suggests, she says. Country-inspired details can look modern when paired with clean accents.

Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Most modern farmhouse bathrooms stick to neutral colors and simple textures, but Joyner says she likes to mix and match decorative elements when working in a modern farmhouse.

Modern Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal!

“I like to push a farmhouse bathroom. It’s usually a plain color, so I use a modern color on the walls or nice wallpaper to make it a bit bolder,” he says. “Nobody wants their house to look like their neighbor’s, they make it their own.” Bring it home by adding a fun box or a cheeky dressing table.

Joiner’s top tip for homeowners decorating with this look? “Don’t go for a farm theme or just one theme, as it can make the space look flat,” she says. “Instead, add texture, add layers, and combine existing collections with bold contemporary art pieces.”

For a while now, it seemed like homeowners were moving away from brown wood planks in favor of pristine white. But it’s time to bring it back, says Candace Poltz, lead designer and founder of Candace Plotz Design.

“In the design industry, we are seeing a resurgence of wood,” says Poltz. “It’s a great choice for a vanity table if you want to add a nice touch of texture and warmth to what can be a cold white oak floor.”

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Textiles are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your bathroom. Here, a Turkish scarf, which uses a blanket ladder to add texture and visual appeal at the same time, is displayed.

Choosing a farmhouse bathroom doesn’t mean getting rid of fun patterned tiles. However, consider making the tiles small and subtle to freshen up the space without sacrificing the neutral elements of the room.

In the design world, people love or hate shipwraps. But we think shiplap can get a bad reputation. When combined with other modern elements, shiplap is a great way to add texture to your bathroom without cluttering up the space or making it look too stylish.

Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design helps clients remodel their downstairs bathrooms with a beautiful, modern farmhouse feel.

Primary Bathroom Ideas To Covet Right Now

“We wanted to make sure this bathroom included modern farmhouse elements, but stayed true to something classic and timeless,” she says. “I used a lot of white in different colors and patterns and added warm wood tones to organize the space and give it a homely feel,” she says.

One of the easiest ways to introduce modern farmhouse into your home is through objects. A beautiful vintage vase or vase is a great and easy way to give your bathroom a rustic feel without taking out the hammer.

From wood and marble to concrete, modern farmhouse bathrooms feature natural materials. Skip the artificial and fill your room with warm accents that are fun and will last for years.

Finding storage space in any bathroom can be difficult, but if you want to add more space to your needs, consider floating recycled wood shelves. This gives the bathroom a modern farmhouse look while providing more space for toiletries.

The Mcgee Home: Master Bathroom Photo Tour

Black and gold can feel flashy and raw in some settings. However, a modern farmhouse bathroom offers a simple, classic look that blends tradition and modernity.

A modern farmhouse bathroom can definitely stand out in color, but if you want to keep it warm and simple, consider opting for more neutral tones. Here, the different shades of white and gray come together to generate enough interest so that the bathroom feels like a modern farmhouse without being flat or boring.

If you’re renovating your bathroom and deciding between a walk-in shower and bathtub, consider a traditional claw style. There’s no denying that there’s something beautiful and inviting about a large freestanding tub that makes a statement in any bathroom.

Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Are you considering installing wallpaper in your bathroom? Never be afraid of wallpaper in a modern living room. For a still classic visual feel, opt for something simple with neutral colors and soft patterns.

Timeless Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Instead of a vanity table with cabinets, consider a striking look. Here, crude gold piping is exposed, adding a vintage feel to the space and adding interest to the space. A great idea for a dressing room where you don’t need to hide items under the sink.

One way to add modern farmhouse character to a simple bathroom is to replace the standard sink and sink with a metal sink.

There aren’t enough dressing tables that turn into rustic wardrobes. The rich wood tones make this dressing room very inviting and the vintage elements create a vintage feel without being outdated or claustrophobic. Beautifully designed modern farmhouse bathrooms add charm and sophistication to the Oasis and are the perfect place to start the day and relax into the evening. . The farmhouse style emphasizes practicality and simplicity with a rustic charm. (Updated June 2023)

When designing a modern farmhouse bathroom, it’s important to keep the overall farmhouse aesthetic in mind while incorporating modern elements. Start by choosing a palette of neutral tones like whites, creams and grays. For a rustic feel, consider incorporating recycled wood accents like vanities or shelving. To keep your space modern, opt for sleek, simple fixtures like freestanding tubs or frameless glass shower enclosures. To keep your space organized and clutter-free, don’t forget to include multiple storage options like floating shelves or medicine cabinets. Finally, bring the feeling of nature into your home by adding greenery through potted plants or fresh flowers.

Best Bathroom Ideas For A Relaxing Retreat

Not every home has a large master bathroom, but luxury and luxury design can be packed into a small package. A solid foundation of good materials sets the tone when combined with a well-thought-out color scheme. The final finishing touch is putting everything together, so spice things up by adding scented soaps, bath bombs, plants, sponges and pretty baskets.

Inspired by the coastline on which this home is located, Lindye Galloway’s team combined coastal elements with a natural design aesthetic that resembles a Nordic feel. The childhood home of a beloved client, Lindye designed this project with the goal of preserving nostalgia while incorporating fresh designs. A neutral palette with bold moments and layers of texture give this home a unique touch from every angle.

Nestled in Irvine Canyon, California, this 10,000 square foot home is full of Spanish influences. With an architectural background such as beautiful arches and organic features, Lindye Galloway’s team comes up with a unique vision. As a result, you’ll see high ceilings, geometric shapes, transparent plaster, and luxuries for an elegant look. intentional, functional, aristocratic

Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Ideas

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