Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas – Today I’m sharing 15 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget! Farmhouse kitchens have become popular in recent years. I love the comfort, charm and character of a farmhouse kitchen. But what do you do if you’re on a tight budget? Luckily, finding a farmhouse on a budget is really easy! Enjoy these simple tips that you can incorporate into your home today!

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Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse-style kitchens focus on natural materials. It is very encouraging, showing imperfections and even fragments with “character”. A farmhouse sink, also known as an apron front, plays a large role in the design and can hold large dishes.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas

My kitchen leans towards modern farmhouse, and if you want to learn more about that style, be sure to check out my post on the elements of modern farmhouse kitchen style – modern at its finest!

Now, let’s get to the main topic of this post! How can I decorate my kitchen on the cheap?

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget! If you ask the same question to 5 people, you will get 5 answers with different opinions. Some go overboard because most farmhouse kitchen ideas are universal.

For me, these farmhouse kitchen budget ideas are my tips for getting the farmhouse look without breaking the bank.

Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you’ve followed me for long, you know that DIY (do it yourself) is my first inclination for affordable home renovations.

It is no different in the kitchen! In fact, when we moved into our current home, I completely redid our kitchen on an $800 budget. Check out the post here to see how I changed it!

Since then, we have completely remodeled our kitchen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still make DIY pieces for it!

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

First, paint is your friend. You can draw almost anything! I have painted backsplash tiles, hardware, cabinets, furniture, doors and more! (Tutorials on how to draw each item.)

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Painting existing items to make them more in line with your style is a great way to get a farmhouse look in your kitchen.

Open shelving is a big talking point for people. I’ve shared 15 pros and cons of open shelving in this post in case you’re considering it.

Obviously, I’m a fan! Open shelves let in more light, make the space feel more open, and provide a convenient place to display your favorite items.

I use mine for daily service and decoration. It doesn’t have to be one or the other! You can learn how to make your own DIY open shelf with this tutorial.

Cottage Style Kitchens That Will Make You Feel At Home

When I needed more pantry space, I found this vintage cabinet on Facebook Market. After a few DIY adventures (and the adventures shared here are quite a few), I got it to work!

Now I have 1/3 more pantry space because of this closet and it only cost $200.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for a budget-friendly farmhouse kitchen with a few DIYs, how about adding some free decor?

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

A complimentary idea I love is to use dried hydrangeas or dried flowers. If you haven’t caught on by now, my kitchen is now decorated for fall. And in autumn, dried flowers are enough!

Our New Build Three Tone Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Simply cut a few stems from your garden, dry a bouquet of fresh flowers from the store, or take a branch from a tree and bring it inside.

Next, let’s talk about simple countertop displays. Remember that farmhouse style kitchens are messy. This means it’s a great idea to display your normal everyday dishes as decoration or use everyday items like coffee mugs as a counter!

The key to this is to provide a decorative border for your island. I like to do this with something like a tray, plate or old idler that I’ve redecorated. By surrounding some of your existing decorations in small groupings, you create a cozy farmhouse vignette while keeping the space uncluttered and accessible.

Some of these items are cheaper than others. However, if there’s one element I’d say is worth spending more money on, it’s the lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Lighting makes a big statement in a farmhouse kitchen. My lighting leans my kitchen towards a more modern farmhouse look. Another type of lighting would keep it in farmhouse territory!

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And join me daily on Instagram and weekly on YouTube for behind-the-scenes projects, tips, and country life in real time! Looking for farmhouse kitchen inspiration? These are 17 of the best modern farmhouse kitchen ideas, from design elements to simple decor options. We cover everything from cabinets and countertops to backsplashes and lighting. This includes creating a warm farmhouse atmosphere in any kitchen with simple, budget-friendly accessories.

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

So whether you’re starting to design the kitchen of your dreams or you’re looking for inspiration to update your current kitchen, you’re sure to find something you’ll love here.

Small Cottage Kitchen Ideas: 20 Design Tips For Small Spaces |

When we built our forever farmhouse, I knew the kitchen would be the heart of our new home.

In our previous home, we had plenty of room to spread out when entertaining, but everyone went into the kitchen.

Initially, when I designed the kitchen, one of my priorities was a large island where everyone could gather.

If your kitchen is small, you may have limited options. However, consider repurposing a closet or chest to create an island.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas And Designs For 2022

We found another similar piece of furniture and put the two pieces together to make an island. We added a wooden top to balance the two chests and pulled the 6 x 7 foot island together.

Even though the wood is new, I used a technique to make the new wood look like old barn wood and I love the result.

In addition, we added open shelves, which create space for storage. The large island is perfect for cooking and eating as well.

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is only 7 feet by 12 feet and does not allow for an island or table. Our solution was to remove a section of the wall that creates a small dining bar.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas And Designs For 2022

You can link to all the other challenge participants at the end of this post. It’s always fun to see how everyone’s style is different.

If you’re with me from Kim’s beautiful shiplap and shell homestyle kitchen, thanks for joining me.

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Our industrial farmhouse style plans include using only neutral colors of white, grey, black and wood.

Of The Most Popular Farmhouse Kitchens On Apartment Therapy

So, find ways to add texture to the kitchen. Natural brick walls, concrete countertops and shiplap walls provide an authentic industrial feel.

If you don’t have an apron-front sink, you can add an updated faucet to create a farmhouse feel.

A large pantry is arranged with limited cabinetry, and a custom door with a beautiful screen is also the centerpiece of the rustic heart.

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

Consider replacing existing pantry doors with vintage-style custom doors or adding a faux finish to an existing door to add interest.

Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

You know I love saving money by using thrift store and vintage decor throughout the house.

This is a handmade bottle drying rack that holds coffee mugs and is a reproduction of an old drying rack. Here is a short version of it.

I like to fill the window above the sink with fresh herbs and flowers. Instead of traditional flower pots, I used old bowls to store herbs and plants.

Vintage bowls are a favorite collection, and I also love displaying them filled with fresh fruit.

Small Space Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Another great place to display your collection is on top of your kitchen cabinets. These ideas for decorating your cabinet tops will give you additional modern farmhouse tips.

We want to reuse old wood in our kitchen. However, this floor is an engineered bamboo structure from Home Depot.

The Farm Fresh Produce Sign is a DIY project that uses part of our old door frame. We recently moved the sign to a new location and added a DIY copper pot hanging rack to add warmth and farmhouse charm.

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Ideas

I hope you enjoy these farmhouse kitchen ideas. Now it’s time to continue the tour, and then there’s Barbara at French Ethereal, a beautiful kitchen style.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Add Rustic Charm In Modern Spaces

Did you get some great ideas that you want to save for future reference? Hover over the image you want to save and click on your favorite Pinterest board when you see the PIN button.

Choose your decorating ideas and how you bring the old and the new together to make your home welcoming and comfortable. I live in Guilford County so we are neighbors. Ash Boro is my favorite place to eat, dine and shop. We moved to NC from Virginia about 10 years ago and love it. We have a feeling that country 4 lives together

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