Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas – Hello guys! Happy Wednesday! Ash and I are back today to share one of my favorite simple projects. I originally did this as a FAST, and decided to share it as a free plan and video tutorial. Check out this DIY Garden Mirror Decor!

Before we do this, be sure to check out our YouTube video HERE where we show you how we built everything!

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

You start with wood or hardwood. This will be the back of the glass and everything connected to it. You can have a hardware store measure it for you, or you can cut it yourself. We have a video on wood chopping! Neutype Floor Mirror Full Length, 58x24in Rustic Wood Frame Full Body Dressing Mirror, Wall Mounted Or Leaning Against Wall Standing Mirror, Farmhouse Decor For Bedroom Living Room, Charcoal Grilled

Start by installing the bottom plate that will be the base of the storage box. We added 3/4″ pocket holes on one long side and 2 on each short side.

We use a Kreg Jig K5 to make the pocket holes. You can find our favorite here on Amazon!

Attach the bottom panel to the wood using wood glue and screw 1.25″ pocket screws into the long end holes and wood.

Attach these small ends. This will form the framework of your box. It will also be attached with wood glue and 1.25″ pocket markers.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

To make the front of the box, place a row of wooden brackets in front of those 3 boards and attach the boards to them with 1.25″ hair or finish nails.

Time to add the cut 1×2 outside. Attach the sides first. Be sure to add wood glue to all your joints and secure the boards with 1.25″ nails or finish nails.

The decorative trim we use is 1.25″ wide and 1/4″ thick. You can find many options in this size at the hardware store. Just choose the one that matches the style you’re looking for and you’re ready to go.

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

Place the sides first, then the top. The top of the side pieces will be cut at a 45˚ angle, and the bottom will be flat. Both ends of the upper part will be cut at an angle of 45˚.

Best Farmhouse Bathrooms Ideas + Trends

At this point the assembly is complete and ready to be finished. We used Varathane ash stain to finish the leaves, but you can also paint them. Do not let it dry completely before attaching the lens to the lens.

After that dried, we added our tools. I found the best iron on Amazon for very cheap. You can find it here! We put 5 at the bottom of the glass to move it a little higher 😉

This is a basic 20″x24″ wall mirror that can be found at the hardware store. You can see exactly what I used HERE!

We used commercial glass glue to attach the glass to the wood. You can also find it HERE on Amazon! We wanted to make sure everything was there!

Farmhouse Wall Decor Window Mirror With Shutters Rustic

Once the glue is dry, you are ready to hang. Every wall is different, so hang safely. I decided to use a picture wire on the anchor to attach mine, but choose the best one for your space. Here, it’s done!

Thanks for stopping by guys! We would love for you to share these plans and our videos with your dogs! Happy Wednesday and let me know if you have any questions! Decorative stained glass windows are a great way to add beauty, character and drama to a space. It’s so easy and so many glasses to make! We share many ideas and I have decided which one is right for you

Mirrors are a great decorative piece, but they’re not just a tool… they make a space fun… more airy… brighter. It is used in all types of home decoration, but today we will put a special light on Garden Style Garden. I hope you are inspired!

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

Marianne at Thistlewood Farm decided that her staircase needed a new look…so down went the designer and upstairs went her beautiful collection of mirrors! So you draw the same… different shapes… different sizes… different colors and it all works! Come see how they fit together. It’s a vision anyone can have…just start collecting these glasses!

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas On A Budget — Capturing Wonderland

Liz Marie shares tips on how to create a cozy bedroom… let’s start with a mirrored fireplace, but if you don’t have a mantel… why not put a beautiful shelf in it? Do the same! The arrangement of the glasses … books and greenery just makes the place more attractive and welcoming.

Think about what new wall art will liven up your space…how about mirrors! Even if you are not doing a large area with mirrors … adding one … two or three to the wall of the library is a good idea. The possibilities are truly endless

A mirror can transform even a small space into a warm and inviting welcome when a friend enters the house. This easy recipe can be made in no time and can be inexpensive if you are serious about recipes! You might even want to upgrade your window glass to the patio glass you’ve been dreaming of!

Most of us have never thought of using mirrors as wall decor in the kitchen… but this beautiful space by Adora Horton Living will make us all think about it because it looks amazing!

Beautiful Mirror Decoration Ideas For Your Home

This mirror collection just brings this hidden brick wall to life! It is best to place it near a window to let in more light.

We talked about doing a shelf above but here is one and it’s amazing. The best thing is that you can put it anywhere your heart desires. If you don’t have a fireplace… no sweat… any flat object can become one if it’s against a wall! In this case you need two decorations… two pieces of wood, then add your favorite paint treatment.

Shannon also decided to use mirrors in her kitchen and wow did she improve her wall space! I also love the little shelf she added to her desk space and how it really becomes part of the art display on the wall.

Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

I believe this is one of my favorite glass decorating projects. Lauren collected glasses from thrift stores and one day decided to use them all. Come see how he prepared the wall so that everything was in order before they went to hang. Finally, the glass table looks amazing and makes the dining room look open and spacious.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Every Style

Adding a large round mirror to this modern garden style will completely change the feel of the space. It feels like the space is open, and the bright colors give you a warm and welcoming feeling.

Liz Marie is the queen of mirrors (this amazing lady has other mirror decorations to show!

Liz loves her glasses, and this beautiful framed mirror is absolutely gorgeous. It is stored in the best place … it seems that a large window has been added to its space, but it is better. It is placed next to the fireplace and adds the perfect coziness the space deserves. Can you think of a better place for a mirror like this… I bet you can.

If you are looking for Mirrors…how to make a beautiful mirror wall. You can dress it up with traditional or elegant and modern. Mix metals… wood and paint… there are many combinations. The most important thing is to set the pattern before you install it (see the Bless’er House page above). If you are lucky, enjoy collecting crystals at a reasonable price… this can be amazing.

Diy Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

When you walk through the front door of Kara’s house, it’s more light and airy! A beautiful glass mirror hangs on top of a beautiful little table filled with beautiful green plants. A winning combination for any small or large entry. In fact, it is a great addition to any wall in any room.

I don’t like to use things for sale as examples…but when I saw it I had to share the picture because it looks so good in the garden. You can really do something small for your home. Look for them on the shelves of your grocery store or flea market. Then sand it down… paint it or give it a nice coat of paint or how about it all… paint it

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