Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs – It may be hard to admit, but I feel like I can stay completely locked in my new bathroom for hours.

After five full years of wishing, dreaming and planning – I finally got a spa-like retreat for every woman.

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

While I never thought this day would come, I’m excited to share a 1980s bathroom with you today.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Bathrooms You Will Love

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So before I get to the cool photos, I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ve been up to (and for those who missed the painting post, click here)…

As you can see from the “before” photo above, this 1980’s bathroom was the opposite of my style. Aside from a natural light source and a small sink, the space was more cavernous than the master en-suite. In fact, the bathroom vanity in our house was something that I always struggled to fix.

While all the main areas are spacious and open to views (with natural light), it seems that the bathroom was an afterthought… and I agreed at first because I want our home to be more about family and fun than anything else. No one throws a shower (or maybe I’m not that bad).

Modern Cozy Farmhouse Master Bathroom Renovation + Styling On A Budget

Despite our pool digging and restoration fiasco, this master bath model has been one of the most successful renovations to date.

When we decided to keep the existing footprint in this area, tearing down the wall between the shower and the tub (in addition to installing a window) dramatically changed our bathroom.

To make the most of the small space we had to work with (our bathroom measures 12′ long x 8′), we decided to destroy the original skirting of the jacuzzi tub because the built-in steps cut off the flow. (In this post, I’ll show you how to recreate a tube skirt for under $25. Click here for the tutorial.)

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

As for the decor of the place, I wanted something that would stand the test of time (if we did end up selling the place), while still representing my signature, boho farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel

When we installed a floating vanity top, boat display and LVT floor, we decided to rent out the shower and tear down the wall and it was the best thing we did.

While the wall between the shower and tub was unfinished, it had plumbing, ventilation and electrical wiring. As a result, the contractors had to re-install the plumbing, electrical and ventilation pipes (definitely outside of our comfort zone).

By moving the pump to a separate wall, we were able to knock out the dividing wall – opening up the visual lines of the room.

While the shower and wall-demo was a big investment, in the end, it was totally worth it. The bathtub now looks bigger and better.

Our Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Luckily we invested a little in the bathroom by painting the tub white and adding a DIY skirting board, at least we kept it there.

It’s amazing how removing the corner bench from the first shower and opening up the wall makes a big impact.

Although we couldn’t extend the length of the tub because of the bathtub, we were able to increase the width of the shower a bit. And allow for extra space from the acrylic shower liner to the subway tile (acrylic liner is 2 -3 inches thick).

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

And I’m really impressed with how the matte black metal is all white against the white.

Tim & Alison’s Lancaster Master Bathroom Remodel

I love how the wood on our vanity adds warmth and variety to the design. And would you believe that the floor is pressed – and sealed with a beautiful vinyl plank? We were able to install new flooring over the tile floor the same way we did in the kitchen (here’s that tutorial).

While the project was five years in the making, it was worth the wait. I really feel like I’m living in a brand new home.

Frameless, Pivot Glass Shower Door- Mine was cut to pieces by the guys I hired to install my shower, but here it is.

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Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel In Benton, La.

Wow Erika!!!! It turned out great and I couldn’t be happier with your best friend. We have almost all of the shower/tub fixtures going in the master bath and we’re finally thinking of doing one thing with the wall that separates the tub from the tub so I’d be very comfortable with it going right through that. Enjoy that floaty girl, good times.

You are really strong, Ashley. Thank you! For you too, I hope there is nothing on the wall that separates you. I’m glad we used that function. xoxo

Wow! Wow! Wow! You did an amazing job with this reno, well done. Yes, I’ll be in that room tonight 🙂

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

Thank you very much, dear friend. Haha!! Ever since I discovered CBD oil, I’ve been in the tub every night. I wish you dears. xoxo

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Haha I love it! It really has been my little retreat. Thank you so much for the kind words, Carlene.

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Farming shows no signs of slowing down, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, now is the best time to do so. And, what better place to put a farmhouse sink than in your bathroom? Bathrooms are a great place to experiment – especially if you’re not ready to renovate your entire home – and they’ll encourage you to slow down and enjoy your time in the shower and walking.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got it for you. Check out 20 amazing bathroom ideas that can work anywhere and yes, even yours.

Best Professional Bath: Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom By Megan Bachmann Interiors

Lighting can make or break a space, but it’s the right things that will set the tone for the decor. In this bathroom from Bespoke Only, the freestanding scone brings to mind a cozy, country house at its best. Get rid of the look of nickel accessories and distressed medical advice.

When it comes to bathroom ideas, it’s the ideas that make the space shine. The translation? Not everything has to be perfect. We love how designer Kate Lester complemented the wooden vanity with a cool, beaded mirror.

As this Mesuko Warner bathroom shows, it’s super cool. Three pipes and simple furniture give a cool, but functional atmosphere, usually found in farmhouses. Alone around the room, there is a wide.

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Designs

Of course, lacquer-less, wooden walls are a great way to liven up the vibes of the house. However, too much size can make your bathroom feel small and claustrophobic. For fun, take extra care of your skin. Sag port designer Alison Babcock nailed this modern farmhouse with simple wood walls and black metal.

Our Cozy Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Speaking of lights, sconces are the go-to for home bathrooms. This is not just a choice of location, but there is more to the world than a beautiful chandelier. Plus, why settle for one when you can enjoy two? This bathroom from Kate Marker Interiors is like technology, thanks to the scone set and royal walls.

Are you looking for a farmhouse bathroom idea that hits the sweet spot between functional and functional? Put a ladder up on your wall, like Cathy Hong did here. It’s a great place to throw a towel or blanket, but it won’t detract from the style of your bathroom.

A custom bathtub is the hallmark of a spacious home bathroom—and Karen Emil of Milk & Honey Health turned it into a formal space. The brass fittings are very comfortable, while the floating plate gives a comfortable place in his shower. You know, when bloggers wish.

Upholsterer John Robshaw gave his rustic bathroom a whist-in-cheek twist by transforming the walls with beautiful wallpaper. Tree-Vesi will transport you to the vast countryside even for a moment.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Bring farmhouse style to your shower by replacing the rug or door with this cool and full-bodied style. Canadian designer Rina Sotropa paired a statement door with white subway tile and a bathroom vanity.

This may surprise you, but your farmhouse bathroom doesn’t need to be painted.

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