Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

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How to create a modern bathroom with vintage and country! Wooden panels, wooden plates, fake plants and vintage designs are perfect for a farmhouse bathroom!

Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

Welcome friends! Thank you for joining us in learning how to swim! So far I have learned:

Budget Friendly Half Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Today I’m sharing more of my drawing stuff! I’m so excited to get so many questions about them!

I have received many emails and comments asking where my symptoms come from! Hey guys… I got you! Anyway, I bought the SVGs and linked them below so you can make your own!

You will!!! I love fiction as much as art! I’m not very good at keeping real plants alive…plus, I don’t like to put them on my daily list, so I cheat to win! I have these little guys in my house! But… the way to make them look good is to tie them with jute twine! I’m sharing where my favorite plants come from!

I have a stack of books in the house… my best friend gave them to me before we moved to North Carolina. I love them! I love that they are green and I love that they grow! You can find vintage books at thrift stores, eBay, Good, yard sales, garage sales, and even on Facebook Market these days!

Half Bathroom Before And Afters

I love adding these gems to anywhere! I first learned about wood grain while shopping at Kirklands before we bought our last home. I came here to “compose”. A co-worker helped me make a small tree trunk, and now there are wooden beads! Being a DIYer, there was no way I was going to pay for it so I went home and made my own! Here is my complete tutorial for making wooden tassel flowers!

I shared about the dishes and my crazy desire to save all the money from the burning pile here. Although I made a wooden plate, I used buttons that I bought.

Eeeee!!! This makes me very happy – and my husband is furious! ? ? He’s not really a fan of vintage things like me, but he loves me enough to put up with it. This bracelet is actually not old, but it looks, so you can buy it for yourself!

Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

Next to the toilet, I have toilet paper stored in an old wooden box that I bought at a thrift store. As soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to have it! After all, he was from Chicago where my husband and I were born!

Exquisite Farmhouse Half Bath Ideas That Go Big On Style

I love it like most of you! I have so many questions about this topic! I found it on Craigslist under the “glass” category. I bought it before a fire/house fire and made sure it was salvaged so I could use it again! Before I could hang it again I took it to the glass shop in town and asked them to replace my glass with a new one, the old one was very damaged.

Something handmade! I cut out part of the fence, painted the top detail, painted it to match the mirror and added one of the black field holders.

I repurposed an old light fixture from another bathroom and set the world up for a quick change! I don’t like it, but it was a quick fix to a problem that needed a quick fix!

The space between the wall and the toilet is small, so I went to find the trash

Half Bathroom Ideas

The cover will fit. Surprisingly, it was not an easy task! I found this one on Amazon and it fits me perfectly! I love small toilets because they are easy to hide.

And here, friends! My little bathroom is finally finished and matches our 1886 Victorian house!

Check back next time I share more about the program! In the meantime, enjoy some amazing ideas to make your home look great! Well, when we bought the house on Lyndale Drive, Mike and I decided we wouldn’t change a thing! We loved him the way he was. I mean, we still love it, but I think it needs styling! Country status! I love everything about bright colors, recycled parts and boats!!!

Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

Let me remind you that we lived in an “OLD” house and there was a lot of bright paint (in a few places) and varnish. I miss all the charm and nature, but don’t miss the nice windows, lack of central air, cold places in the winter, and weird wiring!!

Farmhouse Powder Room Ideas You’ll Love

Mike is struggling to understand why I have to “grow old” in a “new house”!! I’ll tell him not to worry and if he’s scared, he should go to the man cave to stop me! They always love me when I’m done.

Adding a boat to our living room was my first project in the new house. We really like how it turned out. Since I did this job myself, I thought I might as well take a shower – right?! I used the same panel that I used in the attic. The job cost me less than 70 bucks. I like cheap news.

This beautiful mirror was taken from a dressing table I had in the guest room. The glass itself had deteriorated over the years and was in need of replacement. I was thinking we could get a glass factory to use the glass we took from the bathroom and just cut the shape of this thing – easy peasy – right? Not much. They said we scratched the glass while we were spitting so they cut us a new one………..for $138! Too expensive or too cheap! The field lamp is from Lowe’s in antique bronze (I painted mine black) and I love how it matches the glass. These two components are very different from white pomegranates. I’m still debating whether to paint the cabin white or black. I will leave it as it is.

It was difficult for me to decide what to put on the wall and above the toilet bowl. I’m no different than you when I need inspiration, I turn to Pinterest!! I got some great ideas for the ladder and I liked the idea of ​​using the ladder over the toilet. The height of the ladder draws the eye up (away from the toilet) and helps balance the glass. I added a wire basket and can change the contents depending on the season.

Adding Farmhouse Style To Our Half Bath

Hobby Lobby always has great deals. I was so excited to find these notes for $9. I love the simplicity of the fern leaves and black pencils.

Since changing the tiles on the floor would bother Mike, I chose a nice rug from Target. It gives me a tile look I love without a heart attack on Mike!! Victory – victory! Your bathroom may be a small space in your home, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy place to clean. For a long time, you want them to look as good and beautiful as other areas of your home, but you don’t know what to do or where to start. Come on! Think of a small space as a design challenge – a mixed-use space that could be a great place to test out those new ideas you’ve been dying to try.

The possibilities are endless. You can dress up a quiet space with one of these bathroom colors or make a bold statement with a stylish and stylish way to add wallpaper to your bathroom. Change doesn’t have to happen forever! Even if you want to renovate half of your bathroom from top to bottom (through best bathroom ideas or best bathroom ideas), time is limited, so the changes will happen quickly. From there, you can download other projects that include bathroom storage ideas and bathroom group ideas. With a little love—and fun—this little space can become your favorite room in the house!

Farmhouse Half Bath Decor Ideas

Bright colors brighten up the bathroom in this tub that features a Z-brace design

Pretty Powder Room Ideas For Your Half Bath

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