Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

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I recently discovered the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I know it’s been a long time, but it’s not uncommon around here lately that I stray from my beloved food chain. But y’all, I’m obsessed with this show! The hosts (Chip and Joanna Gaines) are fun, very creative and incredibly charming. My husband and I joke that if Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper were mixed into one woman, she would be my spirit animal. Maybe I won’t sell you, but really. It’s worth watching.

Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

Anyway, Joanna Gaines is known for her obsession with boats and all things “farmhouse” inspired. Farmhouse decoration has a beautiful, rustic and earthy character. It’s beautiful. This is amazing. This is everything I want my dream house to look like. This is the entire contents of the magazine in the store and it flies off the shelves in the corner store. That’s about it and I jumped on the train! Louvixa Tilt Out Trash Can Cabinet Dog Proof Trash Can With Wood Hidden Trash Can Holder, Kitchen Free Standing Recycling Cabinet (blue)

I am slowly moving towards my home goal. (I know that’s not a word, but now!) I think I’ll start small and start with the bathroom. Since it’s not always easy to get out of the house and into the city, I decided to check out what Amazon has to offer to help complete my look. Hello, two day delivery! I’m so happy with what I found that I thought I’d share it with you all!

For example, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, I can try it for free!

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Bronze Basin Faucet – One of the best ways to update your bathroom and give it a fresh, rustic look is to replace the faucet with a gorgeous bronze look. The dark color really suits the clean white sink! This is also a very inexpensive upgrade, under $70!

Rustic inspired wood and metal towel rack –  I’m crazy about a modern industrial look mixed with a rustic look. This towel rack is the perfect combination of both with industrial metal rods!

Oil Bronze Fixtures with Metal Tones – Like updating your faucet, updating your bathroom lighting is another dramatic way to add value to your space and give it a cozy new feel. I love the metallic color that floats above each bulb – a very popular look these days! For more farmhouse lighting ideas, visit my post here: Farmhouse Lighting on Amazon

Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

A decorative farmhouse style trash can – can also look good if displayed in a high traffic area of ​​the home, right? Why not have a cute trash can to clean the bathroom, right?!

Bathroom Remodel Update Farmhouse Style

Retro Soap Inspired Ads –  There is something so beautiful about retro ads. I think this sign would make a nice and subtle statement in a farmhouse inspired bathroom or laundry room. It’s less than $12 and I think it’s a steal!

Hand wash, soak and relax distress sign – how adorable are these handmade distress signs? They will look great on the wall in the bathroom. Name the message section!

Isn’t this chicken wire toilet paper holder the cutest? I’ve seen a lot of chicken wire used creatively in home decor and I absolutely love the look! This toilet paper holder is less than $15 and I think it’s pretty cool!

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves – Add extra space to your wall with these amazing floating wood shelves! It’s the perfect place to add a touch of flair to your face or lay out extra soaps and lotions for your guests!

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Stand Out In Style And Function

Rustic Faucet Soap –  Instead of hiding your soap, pull it out and make it a decoration! I love how this soap holder combines a beautiful rustic and industrial look in one. Its price is just under $20!

Mason jar soap dispenser + caddy – isn’t it cute?! Mason jars are so versatile and so easy to decorate. I especially love the little caddy that holds these jars! They are well priced at only $29!

Support Local Flour Hand Towels – Try drying your beautiful hands with these amazing local towels!

Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

Decorative Rustic Reclaimed Wood Staircase – I love the look of this reclaimed wood staircase! It would be ideal to use in the bathroom to hang towels. It comes to around $30!

Our Kids Shared Bathroom Design Plan

Set of 4 seaweed baskets – everyone needs a place to store their bathroom products! Add some farmhouse flare to your bathroom storage space with this adorable seaweed basket! You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on your space and storage needs. They are well priced!

Wooden and metal hangers – looking for a less traditional way to hang towels? These wood and metal hanging shelves are a great way to make a statement! Great value at only $15!

Reclaimed Barnwood Mirror –  Instead of a traditional bathroom mirror, think about the lines of a rustic framed mirror like this one. I think they really add a nice touch to the bathroom decor! This mirror is priced under $85, making it an affordable addition or upgrade to your space!

Seaweed Rug –  Every bathroom needs a rug and the natural basket weave of this beautiful neutral rug adds a touch of flair! This is a great way to add a rustic and natural touch to your bathroom. You can choose different sizes, according to your needs!

Small Bathroom Ideas For Decorating Tiny Spaces

Hand Washed Typographic Sign – The vintage print of this sign is perfect for modern farmhouse decor! I love the simple reminder to wash your hands every day. so cute!

Decorative French Toilet Sign –  I love the idea of ​​sneaking this little sign into your bathroom. It adds a subtle feminine touch and looks really sophisticated. If you have a separate toilet from the rest of the bathroom, this would also be a great addition to the door. For less than a dollar you can add this piece to your bathroom collection!

Antique toilet paper patent prints – how to find them? I think it would be really neat in a shabby picture frame hanging on the bathroom wall. I’m very happy because it proves to the world that toilet paper really rolls and doesn’t sink to the bottom! 😉

Farmhouse Bathroom Small Trash Can Ideas

French planters or country inspired transports –   I’m really good at adding a touch of green to any room in the house. It gives the desired fresh and earthy taste. It’s perfect for growing succulents and is designed like a bathtub, so of course it’s perfect for the bathroom! This piece costs around $12 – score!

Ways To Disguise Your Trash Bin — The Family Handyman

Mini Succulents in Artificial Pots – As I mentioned before, a little greenery around the house is a great way to liven up any space and give it life! My guest bathroom has no windows to let natural light in, so some paint was needed. Succulents are really popular right now and I love their size! (Bonus points for being artificial. Although succulents are hard to kill, I’m sure I did it with very little effort!)

Distressed Wood Storage Box –   This might be my favorite storage box in a long time. How beautiful is this box? I can see it being used as a decorative way to store toilet paper, or you could put a folded towel on top of it. The whiteboard feature is a nice little bonus – you can customize your display however you want! These baskets come in a set of 2 and are only $36!

Apothecary jars – no more hiding cotton wool and mini soaps! Display it in these adorable and inexpensive apothecary jars! They are a great way to create space!

Chippy White Enamel Soap Dish – There’s just this little vintage looking dish that makes me so happy! It’s a great place to put those little ornaments

Vintiquewise Home Decorative Dark Grey Rustic Wood Trash Can, Rectangular Wastebasket Bin With Decorative Metal Brackets Qi004220

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