Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas – In this post: Want an easy way. To decorate a boring bathroom mirror? Make an easy DIY bathroom mirror this weekend and have a better bathroom on Monday!

We’re excited to have Ashley from Cherished Bliss share her DIY farmhouse bathroom mirror tutorial from her bathroom renovation!

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

What I love about this mirror is that you don’t need anything fancy to create it! This is a great starting project. But it’s very impressive! So get ready to make your own. Or you can skip the build section and find what you want to clean up!

Dazzling Bathroom Mirror Ideas

1. Cut four 1-inch by 4-inch pieces of wood to size – two pieces will be cut to the length of your mirror. Two pieces will be cut according to the height. Cut the corners with a miter box or use a circular saw. (For a more straight corner), your measurement will be on the outside corner.

3. Use a lint-free cloth and clean the stain. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, then wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth. Let it dry completely. (Note: I colored mine before building it because it was frozen and I was working on a small area. But you can do it all after assembly) even if you paint both sides of the wood. Because it will reflect the shadow of the unfinished side in the mirror… )!

4. After the stain has dried, it’s time to wash off the gray. To do this, I mix 1 part paint with 1 part water (maybe a little more water) until I get a watery consistency. Then use a paintbrush to apply the gray/water mixture onto the stain and immediately wipe with a cloth. This will make it look gray. It will definitely look dull because light will be added during the sealing process. Let it dry.

5. After the gray wax has completely dried. I went ahead and coated it with Helmsman varnish spray for protection. This spray is meant for outdoor furniture and to protect the wood from moisture. So the wood expands and contracts as the temperature changes! But if you’re not as paranoid about your plants as I am. You can use an ordinary tree if you wish.

Whitewash Wood Wood Framed Mirror Rustic Wood Mirror

4. Add wood glue to the corners of the miter and carefully line them up to create your frame. Use a staple gun to trim the corners behind your frame.

5. If you can find the black corner braces, use them. But if you can only see the metallic appearance, use them. just spray paint I used Rustoleum’s Hammered Black Spray Paint and let the screws dry completely before attaching them to the corners of the picture frame.

6. Now the fun part! Hang up. Since I change decorations often. So I opted to use 3M Command Strips directly on the glass as instructed on the package. I used 4 on each plate, fyi you can also mount the frame directly to the wall if you want. or directly attached to the mirror It’s your choice and it also depends on your bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Tip: If your bathroom mirror has a large plastic knob. Replace it with a small washer. This will help the frame to hang on mirrors and walls better!

Small Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

This project can be completed in a weekend. And I bet when it’s done You’ll definitely want to do another weekend project! Try these 10 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Over the Weekend for all kinds of ideas! Mirrors can do wonders in any room. Especially your bathroom, of course, the actual use should always come first. But the best bathroom mirror can also be used as a decoration. Turn the simplest of spaces into beautiful spaces. Take a look at some of these bathroom mirror ideas for example: Many of the following designs relate to the existing aesthetics of the bathroom (modern, traditional, or minimalist), while others bring a whole new personality meanwhile These mirrors—some framed and some frameless—reflect natural light and light from above. making it feel wider than it actually is in the end

Although some of these mirrors are better for small bathrooms. But all of them can be adapted to any size space. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to To decorate a small dressing room or what will be on the wall above your sink. The mirror may be the main focus here. But many of these designs also give you lots of ideas on how to update your bathroom with different colors. Tile and lighting configurations (if you’re in the market for an update, it’s not).

Round mirrors are as classic and stylish as possible. Place it in the middle of your dressing table so you can hang it from both sides for a unique shine.

Golden mirror brings drama All types of polished bezels have the same effect – copper, silver, polished brass. or whatever fits your space.

Honey Farmhouse Mirror Country Framed Mirror Wood Mirror

Do something unexpected and stick the unlined glass beads on either side of the mirror frame. Choose a frame that matches Match (or close to) the color of the walls to make a beautiful space look bigger.

Place thin curved glass over herringbone tiles for a striking look. Decorate the space with all the handcuffs, lights and gold polished hardware.

Because the picture frame takes up a lot of space. This frameless option is a great way to make the most of available wall space. Plus, the minimalist style works with just about any aesthetic: modern, traditional, farmhouse-inspired, and so on.

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Painting the mirror frame with the same color as the eyebrow dressing table and doors elevate the space. Accentuate the décor—especially the lights—in contrasting colors to add interest.

Diy Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Frame

To look cohesive Pair the mirror frame with the hardware, oil and bathroom lighting.

Attach a large, downward-facing mirror to allow you to fully see your reflection. balance with metal fittings on both sides

Sometimes simplicity is best. Especially if your space is full of different textures and prints. In this dusty room The fine gold mirror adds elegance with contrasting floral and geometric patterns.

Consider your vanity: Place a floor-length mirror against an empty wall to reflect light. Gives a light and airy feeling.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Gather groups of vintage mirrors to create an interesting gallery wall. Make sure the one directly above the sink is big enough. Because rectangles and ovals are the best places to see your entire face.

Don’t block the window behind the dresser by hanging a wooden mirror from the ceiling using a chain-and-bolt system.

Embrace the elegant style of your bathroom with this pewter-rimmed rectangular mirror. Close with a candlestick in a similar frame.

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Want to bring a traditional bathroom back in time? to decorate the bathroom with vintage style handles dressing table and mirror glass

Diy Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

If you are working with a small area Trick the eye and fill the empty wall with mirrors. Choose to use mirrors of different shapes and sizes. (but complement each other), then attach a shelf below to maximize storage space.

Choose a mirror with a brushed walnut edge to add a rustic touch to your bathroom. add different wood colors throughout the space, such as a white dressing table to feel more comfortable

Do double duty by placing a magnifying mirror next to a mirrored medicine cabinet. So you have a choice – you can see your face at a comfortable distance, closer or maximized.

Brighten up your space with a circular mirror surrounded by an LED-lit edge. Choose one that emits a soft glow. To fill the feeling of relaxation in your bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration

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Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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