Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bloxburg

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bloxburg – A quick and easy modern bathroom on a budget isn’t always with neutral colors and good looks!

In October we moved into our new home and the first room we worked on was the entry hall powder room. It’s the main bathroom that our guests use and we made the old furniture before we moved in and it took us about 4 months to finally put it together… #4kids4andunder

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bloxburg

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bloxburg

In our work, the renovation budget is very tight, so we are cutting a lot of costs in this area while keeping the useless, high, and empty “decorations”. Zach helps us a lot and behind all the sweat and hard work that goes into my mind he really put my mind together, even though he fights with me every time we make decisions in this room, we are a great team and we all have so much beauty coming together. it’s probably my favorite room in the house right now because it’s officially the first room that’s “done” and completely decorated!

Bloxburg House Ideas: How To Build House In Bloxburg

From those beautiful mirrors and lamps to the double-sided rug, this farmhouse powder room is one of my favorite rooms! This is a nice and big bathroom

** Most of the bathroom accessories at Hobby Lobby are not matching due to their age. I combined everything I could to finish the post!

Zach is tearing down old barns in the Dayton area as a side gig so we can easily find good wood that I often clean and tell him to save for home projects. Apart from making decisions and cutting down, these kitchens were easy for him to handle.

I ordered from a local renovation company because the water supplies sold by professionals or water supply companies are better than the same water sold in the big box stores. The simplest way to describe this is the “inside” difference. if possible,

Best One Story Bloxburg House Ideas

Purchase plumbing fixtures through a plumbing company and install them professionally. Trust me when I say, if you plan to stay in your home, don’t let water be your “money saver”.}

With lots of coffee, love and Jesus! drink coffee or wine and stay!

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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bloxburg

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