Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget – Tips for making small bedrooms look bigger with quick, money-saving projects and decorating resources to get a designer look on the cheap.

Over the years we have learned a thing or two about small bedroom ideas. The bedrooms in our house are by no means spacious.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

Due to size constraints, our oddly shaped master bedroom and guest bedroom were the biggest challenges in figuring out the perfect layout.

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After Robert’s high school friend moved into a new house this summer, we decided to give him and his wife (Richard and Ashley) a housewarming gift in the form of the decoration of their little room.

Look at the difference! It’s much better than before! (To be fair, the photography is also excellent, but you get the point.)

The best part is that I was able to do this seamlessly with the decor and paintings from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

It got me thinking about all the small bedroom ideas that make me feel bigger than I really am.

Diy Bedroom Decor Ideas (on Any Budget!) • The Budget Decorator

If you are in the same dilemma, I hope these help.

Go tall and vertical with art! Art hanging atop the wall in a gallery style naturally draws the eye up to the ceiling and makes the space feel larger. Or choose a large piece of art to create the illusion of a larger room.

I created this gallery wall with mismatched gold wall frames and wooden wall frames with vintage prints for a more collectable look. The painting next to the bed is an old abandoned piece that was in our dining room. It looked perfect here.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

Choose very light or very dark shades on the walls. Generally, the best choice is the paint color at the top of the paint swatches bar or the bottom color of the paint swatches bar. Stay away from midtones as they give the impression of a small space.

Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, very dark colors on bedroom walls can create the illusion of a larger space. Bonus: Darker paint colors in bedrooms can improve sleep! (I haven’t slept well since we painted our bedroom walls black.)

To keep the narrow space between the bed and the dresser open, I painted the old Summer Mist dresser with Better Homes & Gardens paint.

A bit of black adds contrast and depth, so we painted the existing bed’s obsidian with Better Homes & Gardens paint. It went so well! You can’t see a single brush stroke!

A simple change that has made a huge difference in creating the illusion of a bigger bedroom is to lower the mattress. You can do this by replacing the original box spring with a 3 inch low profile box spring. If a bed is high in a small room, it can overload the space.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Place a rug under the bed to delineate the room. In this bedroom, an area rug helps soften the space and adds a little pattern of interest.

Go high and wide with curtain panels. Be sure to buy curtains that are long enough to “embrace” the floor. I like to hang the curtains 2-3 inches below the crown molding and extend about 12 inches on either side of the window frame so the entire window is visible when the curtains are open.

It creates the illusion of bigger windows, higher ceilings and lets in more light! I love the texture of these curtain panels.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

A simple white bed is your best friend for making the bedroom clean, bright and inviting. I love the textured pattern of this chenille quilt set and I added a little more texture with these gray fringe pillows and a super soft throw.

Diy Design Fanatic: Decorating A Master Bedroom On A Budget

Use mirrors to reflect light back into the room, especially on walls opposite windows. You can never go wrong with a classic round mirror on top of a wooden dresser.

Candles and lamps can make a cave-like bedroom cozier. I painted these ceramic table lamps with antique brass spray paint. A few candles sprinkled in the room will make the room more intimate.

Some plants can add life to a small room. So I incorporated a few, including this pothos, into this beautiful white plant. I used simple eucalyptus stems on these vases that I painted to bring the dresser to life.

I have a terrible track record when it comes to keeping houseplants alive, but over the years I’ve found that the best houseplants for bedrooms are…

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Eliminate clutter as much as possible by having drop zones so items are not visible. I’ve used a plate on top of the dresser, two small trinket bowls on the bedside tables, and provided drawer space with these bedside tables.

That’s it …! This room came together really well and I think we knocked it out in record time!

Do you have any other tips for decorating a small bedroom? These are the only ones that worked for us, but I’m sure there are others. This page may contain affiliate links. If you buy one of the links, I may receive a small commission. Click here for my full briefing.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

Even though our room isn’t finished anywhere yet, I thought it would be a good time to share an update on its current condition and what it looked like before. We still have a few items to replace with more suitable furniture (ex: my plastic sock drawer hidden behind the corner mirror, 2 bedside tables and the chest of drawers which is not installed), but I am very satisfied with it. ‘Current state !

Bedroom Remodel Ideas That Pay Off

I’m sure you can imagine how exciting it is to finally have your own “master bedroom”, right? I lived with my parents until 4 years ago when I moved into June’s parents house where we shared a small room with a large king bed for 2 years so I wanted our room be refined. You’re big now!” vibe.

And remember: this is what this room looked like before we moved in. A little paint and a thoughtful design can really open up and brighten up a space!

This room has a narrow window and a wide sliding door to the back yard, missing and drooping from the old vertical blinds. We decided to take them apart and install 2 pairs of full length curtains to give the illusion that they are both the same width. Not to mention that the window is significantly smaller than the sliding doors, because the thin curtains diffuse the light.

Our windows are very old, thin double glazed windows and argon gas leaked between the panels a long time ago so this room has a

Bedroom Ideas To Create The Dreamiest Sanctuary

In the morning comes the sun and the heat. As they face east, we needed blackout curtains to keep the room from getting hot early in the morning – nothing worse than waking up to an uncomfortably warm room in bright sunlight. As you probably already know, window treatments can be quite expensive, and while curtains are usually the cheapest option, it’s always hard to find good quality at an affordable price. But I gave these AmazonBasics blackout curtains a try and they didn’t let me down! About $24 a pair and it’s a complete set

If we had curtain rods that wrap around the ends of the room I think we definitely wouldn’t see any lights but to keep costs down I wanted to get simple double curtains that could accommodate the blackout curtains and sheer curtains at $12. ALL RIGHT. Another score from Amazon: $25 double curtains! The ends are plastic, but the rods don’t bend and hold those heavy curtains, so I like the color.

Like the rest of the house, the walls and ceiling in this room are painted matte white. As with our living room and most of our home, we stuck with Benjamin Moore’s Baron Plain, but to save a lot of money, we painted it with Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. If you follow me on Instagram you might remember how I felt about this color, that it’s a bit purple in my bedroom on cloudy days, but with enough light out the window, it really looks gray in this room. I think it’s the most soothing color of all my decors and neutrals.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom On A Budget

I originally wanted a total of 4 picture frames above the bed, but shopped at Homegoods and only found 3 matching white picture frames. I’m thinking of eventually getting the bigger ones, but for now I think they’re still cute. I don’t have the right connection

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