Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget – I’m sharing 17 beautiful porch decorating ideas filled with smart, budget-friendly porch decorating ideas, including furniture, flooring, lighting, decor, and more.

Years ago, when we moved into our house, my family kept talking about how great the front porch was. And while I liked it, I didn’t really understand why they thought it was so great.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

I understand now. Have you started enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with a roof over your head and without bugs? This is an important victory.

Must See Diy Porch Ideas For Your Home

Roofs are much more sheltered than decks or patios, so you have more flexibility when it comes to decorating. This means you can create a much more intimate space than a patio with artwork, accessories and cushions.

But a screened porch is not quite the same as an indoor space. Although much more protected, things inside a screened porch are still exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, pollen, and dirt. Therefore, you need to be a little more careful about the materials you use.

With our big, beautiful screened porch, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to decorate a screened porch so that it looks comfortable and beautiful, and is durable enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. throw it to him.

And today I want to share an easy guide to decorating a gorgeous screened porch. I’ve included lots of beautiful porch photos to give you plenty of inspiration and ideas from furniture to finishes.

How To Decorate Your Screened In Porch On A Budget

(To see more pictures and details of the beautiful porches below, click on the link below the picture).

Before you get into all the decorating details, you need to consider how you plan to use your porch.

The way the room is used will help determine the best layout and type of furniture.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

If you want to create an outdoor dining space, a large dining table is a must. If you are going to send your kids here to play, make sure you leave enough space for them to play. And if you want to read a good book during the next rain, arrange a comfortable place, such as a hammock, a sofa or a comfortable armchair.

Enclosed Porch Ideas To Make You Want To Sit And Stay A While

We have a very long porch, so I divided it into three separate areas – the dining table, the living room couch that overlooks two chairs, and the bedroom couch.

There are many different ways to create stunning patio furniture. The easiest way is to buy garden furniture. You can count on outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements, and there are many great options, from rocking chairs to rocking chairs to egg chairs.

Of course, the downside to traditional patio furniture is that it tends to be expensive and can often look generic.

One of my favorite ways to really expand your screened porch furniture is to use indoor furniture.

Screen Porch Ideas For Stylish Bug Free Entertaining

While indoor furniture isn’t really suitable for a fully weathered deck or patio, a screened porch offers enough protection from harsh sun and heavy rain, where indoor furniture usually works well!

You want to choose your furniture carefully – look for wood or metal pieces that are well made and sturdy. (Upholstered indoor furniture is probably not the best choice outdoors, even on a covered porch.)

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, remember to seal it well to protect it from the elements. If you want more information, I have a post that covers all the details of how to make indoor furniture safe for outdoor use.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Over the years I have used benches, tables, chairs and cabinets in the shaded interior of our porch and they are all in good condition.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

If you’ve ever thought about making your own furniture, making patio furniture is a good place to start.

I love making furniture because when you make it yourself, you make it exactly how you want it – you choose the size, the finish, the style, everything.

If you’re looking for ideas, I recently shared a great collection of DIY garden furniture ideas. There are ideas for sofas, chairs, benches, tables and more, each with a complete tutorial to help you recreate them.

If you have enough space on the patio, I highly recommend adding a spot where you can relax with a book or even take a nap.

How To Build A Screened In Porch From Scratch

I have a nice couch on my patio, but a hammock would be great too. Or better yet, hang a swing bed. A swing bed is basically a sofa suspended from the ceiling, which is the epitome of relaxation.

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, it’s time to think about lighting. If you plan to use your terrace when the sun goes down in the evening, you need good lighting.

If your porch is already wired for lighting, you may want to consider upgrading your existing lights. There are many beautiful outdoor lights available.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

If you hang the lamp above the dining table, the chandelier creates a pleasant impression – just choose a chandelier made of solid materials that are resistant to moisture.

Gorgeous And Inviting Farmhouse Style Porch Decorating Ideas

A ceiling fan can also be a great addition to a screened porch. Apparently the ones with screens are not air-conditioned and with a ceiling fan you can enjoy the patio even on hot summer evenings.

If your porch isn’t already wired for lighting, string lights are a very cheap and easy way to add lots of light.

Our large porch only has a small wall arm that lights less than 25% of the porch, but I didn’t want to hire an electrician with multiple lights.

Instead, I put the lights on the porch and attached them to the other end. They not only provide a lot of light, but also make the entire veranda warmer and cozier.

Screen Porch Ideas For A Gorgeous Gathering Space On A Budget

Some patios have a screened in view just for the pretty view, but most of us have neighbors we can see from our patio.

Curtains are a great way to add privacy and soften your porch. If you feel that certain things on your patio need a little more protection from the weather, curtains can also help keep the rain out.

Another option to protect privacy is to install a wooden wall panel. You can create a large wall to cover everything or hang a large piece of wood to create the feel of a wall.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

In any room, the floor can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space. Patio flooring options are much more limited than indoor flooring. But even if you can’t completely replace your floor, there are ways to significantly update it.

Exactly Where Should I Build My Kansas City Screened Porch?

Whether it’s a wood or concrete floor, it can be painted with porch and floor paint to give it a whole new look.

When we moved in, our own patio had green astroturf, but when I pulled it up, I found a plywood floor underneath. I painted and stenciled that plywood and it looks great now.

It is best to choose outdoor rugs that are durable. You can use a large rug if you have a smaller porch, or use coordinating rugs to define different seating areas if you have a larger porch.

Small accessories that add color, texture and character make your porch a cozy and real part of your home. Our interiors almost always have great pillows, artwork and chachkkas, but outdoors it’s usually overlooked.

Seductively Serene Screened Porch Ideas

Nothing comforts a seat better than a few pillows and a blanket. They make the whole space inviting. Cushions and pillows are also a great way to add color and pattern to a space.

We don’t usually think about hanging art on a wall outside, but if your porch has blank walls, hanging art is a great way to bring the room together.

Wall art can be almost anything, including basket wall art, geometric wood art, tree wall, wreath, wooden sign, or metal art.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Here, however, I do not recommend using traditional picture frames with glass fronts, as it would be almost impossible to keep the glass clean.

Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas

If you have a side table or a coffee table, don’t forget to install them as well. Candle holders, unique shells and stones, old table fans, lamps, trays and flower pots work well.

And finally, any porch looks better with some green plants. Adding plants enlivens the space and

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