Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

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Francesca Barger is a freelance writer and founder of First Vanguard, a leading management group coordinating talent representation and management in the wedding industry.

Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

From bouquets to simple candles, wedding decorations are probably one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Calculating how much you plan to spend sets things in motion to reflect your personal taste in design, especially the entire reception desk.

Budget Friendly Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas For Every Season

Florist and event planner Kiara Hancock shares some things to focus on when it comes to wedding supplies: budget, seasonality and creativity. “The biggest factor in choosing wedding decorations is budget,” she says. “If you have a budget for your flowers, make a to-do list for your wedding and contact several florists to see what you can get within your budget.”

Charleston-based wedding planner Augusta Cole believes the conversation starts with what makes something possible. “Maybe it looks a little more affordable if it’s sustainable and reusable,” he said. “Even things that can be easily moved into the household after the event have a second life, perhaps increasing the shelf life and value of the previous investment.”

If you rent or buy assembled elements, you can save costs at affordable prices. At every table, you want to have a similar mindset. Regardless of your wedding style, read on for 34 key ideas that make a big impact on style, not wallet.

Colorful taper candles add fun and vibrancy to your wedding decor. This modern wedding chose different colors to give a unique look to the reception.

Elegant Rustic Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

“One of my favorite ways to decorate is with potted plants,” says Cole. “Sad flowers, citrus trees, and potted ferns can be kept in really beautiful pots, planted in the garden, planted in your home, or even donated to the church or synagogue where you got married. Original Assets!” Your options include your personal favorites or even products from local manufacturers. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

“I like to mix things up at receptions to create visual interest and add texture. It’s also a strategy to keep your floral costs down,” says Hancock. “Instead of centerpieces for each table, you can “Choose two or three designs for your reception. For example, some tables have flower centerpieces, others have soft plants, and others have bouquets of your favorite flowers. Or maybe a bouquet of single buds.” At an old-style garden wedding in the Bronx, some tables had tall vases and others had smaller vases. Others made compost and spread the flowers in different ways.

With the bottom line in mind, choose something that you want to add to your entertainment arsenal and that will survive your wedding day. A great way to do this is to use river pots. “The closer the marriage, the easier it is to do,” Cole says. “If you’re hosting a table of 50 or even a party of 100, it’s worth investing in reusable entertaining pieces at home.” Share your wealth when the party is over! “Give it to your parents and in-laws. They get something really special and the investment lasts.”

Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

When thinking about sustainability, Cole encourages conversations with fellow creatives early in the process. One way to do this is to use family heirlooms as a central design element. It opens up layers of possibilities by complementing what you already have, and the sentimental value can’t be beat! Displaying a family collection of silverware or other ceramics adds an element of excitement and guests will love the story.

Diy Wedding Decorations For Every Budget

Photos: Branco Prata; Evoke Design and Creative Designer Janet Tavares; FLORAL DESIGN Areias do Sexio Rentals Aqueduto Events; Portugal stands

Perfect for minimalist couples, single-stemmed bouquet arrangements can significantly reduce the cost of flowers. In this case, choosing more exotic or special flowers that make a big impression on themselves will enhance your ability to focus on the details. Each vase becomes a work of art, just like the couple’s wedding table in Portugal.

We hope that this design element will never be lost. Cole shares that even on a budget, fruit can make a big impact as an added element of color and beauty. “Fruit is an instant hit! Lemon slices or a bowl of cherries add color, season, and character and don’t require a lot of setup or preparation.”

Pampas grass is a popular choice for bohemian weddings, and it doesn’t cost much. They take up a lot of space, so you can easily fill the table with this dry grass.

Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget For A Beautiful Event

Designs that include a few flowers on a table are cheap based on quantity alone. This fall wedding includes large dahlias and roses, a true expression of “less is more.” By doing this, the flowers are given a temporary statement rather than a chaotic arrangement of many flowers.

Cole offers beautiful pottery or pottery design ideas from local artisans. It’s a design element that will carry you through the big day. “We want to incorporate the Second Life version of plants and flowers everywhere. It can be proactive rather than reactive. More and more companies are finding ways to support this – with real planning, it’s very possible.”

The cheapest center could be… which center? The Illinois lakefront wedding theme was light and the centerpieces were light. The combination of textures and colors that floral napkins and tablecloths bring to the table completely eliminates the need for original decoration, but is full of life and dynamic design. “If you have a lot of patterns on the table, you can be more relaxed with the flowers,” says Cole. However, “all guests should be at the same level of planning and interest.”

Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

A design that only includes candles of different shapes and sizes, like this stunning Mallorca wedding reception, is dreamy, and no matter your wedding style, Cole has a design that you can fully support. Oh man! “It’s always a good solution, you can rent for a very cheap price. If you time it right, it can start when the lights go down.”

How To Decorate & Style Your Wedding Venue

Photo: Wedding Artists Collective and Wild Heart Leron Ariel; Floral design by Green Factory Chania

While some couples prefer favors over others, making guest favors the focal point of your design is a unique and fun way to highlight your centerpiece. Bottles of local olive oil and salt await guests at this summer wedding on the Greek island of Crete.

Take it a step further and let your guests take part of the day by implementing the same design idea at home in a few different ways.

“Love the green! It’s great and you can do it on a large scale.” Cole says. Rustic farmhouse table settings for elegant barn weddings are sure to be lush and vibrant while still being elegant in design and execution. How “full” the flowers are. Use as a flower? Ask if you can take it and fill the table.

Tips For Planning A Wedding On A Budget

Are you obsessed with vegetables but want a simple look? Scattered mixed or homogeneous plants bring unity to the center of the table. Let greenery serve as a connecting element to other special pieces, such as candle holders, an offering, or other greenery incorporated into the ceremony design.

This Atlanta wedding was inspired by The Secret Garden, which evokes the old European feel of Swan Palace with its lush foliage. Nestled between candles and a beautiful silk runner, Smilex stole the show. Waxy, dark green vines take on a life of their own, easily weaving through the long farm table, thus enabling even greater profit. A little smile goes a long way – a great option at an affordable price!

Photo: Sam

Decorating For A Wedding On A Budget

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