Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget – Having trouble organizing your rented studio apartment? Looking for studio apartment design ideas that will save you money? i can feel you

When my friend Rick and I decided to live in a 22m2 studio in North London. I thought this would be a great opportunity to test my skills in designing a small space. And I am sure that becoming a professional interior designer is very easy. It wasn’t.

Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

Let me tell you: small budget spaces are more complicated than big luxury apartments. Because you don’t have much design freedom. In some cases, you have no freedom at all.

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It is quite a challenge; But I have discovered 5 simple steps that you can follow. Your rented studio apartment will feel bigger and more useful. The secret is to plan everything in advance and make a shopping list.

In this post, I’m going to share my own shopping list that includes everything a home needs.

I always say that the first way to design anything is to start with the layout. At this initial stage, you need to look at the new house carefully and see if the furniture provided is suitable or not.

But you also have to look at your current situation: do you want to improve something? Are there things you can reuse in your new apartment?

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As Marie Kondo teaches, I recommend major decluttering. You can be more specific about your personality and the lifestyle you want.

In our case, the apartment is equipped with basic furniture: a double bed with a brand new mattress; double wardrobe (no drawers!); A small leather sofa (poor condition); Square dining table. An old electric stove in the kitchen. There is a fridge and a kitchen.

The best way to resolve these issues is to first clarify your needs with the agent or landlord.

Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

New electric kitchen; I asked for sofa and dining table options and the freedom to drill things into the walls (to cover the holes when I’m out).

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It wasn’t easy, but I was able to draw the perfect layout after spending a few hours on my laptop. So far, I think it’s going pretty well.

If you need help with this step, write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. Even if you don’t live in London, you can easily help. For example, click here to see how I helped a client who lives in Azerbaijan and needed to renovate a small one-room apartment.

*Additional tip: Buy neutral furniture that you can easily bring into your new home or sell in the future. Get color with accessories*

3. Multipurpose furniture is your friend if you don’t have at least 2 purposes. You don’t need it.

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Multi-purpose furniture really saves us. That and the fact that our kitchen is in a separate room, an upgrade from a traditional studio apartment.

A folding table with folding chairs has been added to the kitchen so it can function as two separate rooms. Or papers on the table. If you are busy with your laptop, you can also eat in the kitchen. The table also provides a cooking surface that doesn’t compromise small kitchens. Finally, if we have dinner guests, the chairs can be moved into the main room (there are four in total). The table is AIRO from Habitat (as are the chairs). Accommodation – metal 2-seater extended dining table; Black – £40

4. Use accessories that show more color.

Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

Below you can see the accessories I chose. If you like the look of them, feel free to use the list as a reference for your own purchases.

Studio Apartment Design Tips On A Budget

* Note that you don’t need to buy all of these. When you say they cost £500, is that because they bought some in the past (second hand) or donated? I think you don’t need to buy everything. So I’m sure a budget of £500 will suit most of you.

Notice I didn’t mention towels? These weren’t on my priority list (because I don’t like them, but they’re still in good shape and not worth replacing). A week later, a friend gave me some papers for my birthday.

She didn’t say it, just doubted it. It is the universe that I wish I had a beautiful towel. Additionally, when I was Elisabetta Plus at the Amara Interior Blog Awards (remember? Italianbark won!) I received a HUGE bag! Guess what we found there? Missoni towel.

If that’s not enough, the old (rusty and dirty) electric stove suddenly broke this week. Now a replacement is required and the owner will buy a new one. I am very excited to receive it.

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This works, or at least it’s worth trying. Say what you want (but it’s not on the “must have” list) and see what the universe gives you. Good luck!

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Decorating A Small Studio Apartment On A Budget

I’m Martina, an Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time writing or writing about interiors. I also like to travel. Walking around London’s East End drinking coffee, you can find yourself stopping at every bookshop you come across.

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“5 tips for designing a studio apartment on a budget | How I designed mine for £500 It’s no secret that living in small spaces can be challenging. With a small footprint; where to put all your stuff and your rooms and full-sized adults There are obvious drawbacks to where to find large furniture that fits the ages. Just when you thought things were tough, a studio apartment was like, “Hold my drink.” Studios are beasts in the small space category. They have unique issues and problems, but When you get through it, it’s rewarding. While I’m going down the studio apartment design rabbit hole (I’m itching to see if you find this useful and inspiring), today I’m going to tackle one aspect of the studio decorating puzzle. Decided: How to design a space. When you’re not there, it looks so disjointed and uncoordinated; walls to mark rooms or plans.

500 square feet (or less) when working with you; You need to optimize every inch of that floor plan. A bed is not just a bed – because the extra clothes are not visible. It must pull its own weight as a storage unit. Floor space is at a premium, so whatever item you bring in should do double (or triple) duty with careful consideration. That cookbook you inherited from your grandmother? These have to go somewhere, so why not on your coffee table or media cabinet? That is true. Leave the air mattress (where would you put this thing? Oh, the bedside table… a tilting table with shelves might be a better option to use the wall space. That way, you can make a place to put your laptop. Curriculum and Tasks ), hide a small bookcase and some decorations, and at the same time it will play the role of a bedside table.

When it comes to style and beauty, we come to the rescue. Everything on display (again, no walls); There really is no room for a “drawer” attitude; This means no extra corners or closets (spare closets …ha) to hide things you don’t have. For whatever reason, I don’t love it at all. Layout decisions should be thoughtless. This is the final rose ceremony of “The Bachelor”…no room (literally) for extras.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to the reader who inspired this budget room summary: Today’s post is dedicated to the Ariel, itself a 350-square-footer in Brooklyn. In the comments on our post about dining table combinations for small spaces, she asked for some ideas for decorating a minimalist or impractical studio apartment.

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These are the factors we consider when designing each of these price points. Storage bed in every room. sofa bed multi-purpose table/shelf;

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