Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget – After some inexpensive laundry room decorating ideas? You know this area is stylish without breaking the bank. Well, you’ve come to the right blog post today because I’ve got a ton of information for you!

When I moved into my new home (besides the mortgage!), nothing excited me more than finding out I had my own laundry room. In my previous rental, the laundry room was mostly a closet hidden under the stairs; a dark and dreary hole in the wall with little room for style. And if you know me, you know that I love to decorate every pocket of my house with every inch of my life.

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

All the ideas I share with you below are really budget friendly. We’re talking about things you can do mostly by yourself. And things not particularly related to Reno. We cannot or will not tear down the walls. We just look at what we have and use it with minor modifications.

Storage Smart Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

I hope you can get some information to make your laundry room amazing too. Because who wants to do dirty laundry in a room that looks like a dog’s dinner? I’m not!

I know it seems obvious and every magazine says that paint is an inexpensive way to update a room. The reason I say do this is the laundry room, but it’s not where everyone can see it. It is also usually the smallest room in your house. So why not have a laundry adventure first?

If you like the result, you can try it in a larger room in your home and spread the magic from there. If it comes back completely and you hate the color, at least it’s a small, easy fix that won’t cost an arm and a leg to redo. I call it a low risk experiment and I encourage you to do it.

But trust me (and the image above via thegreeneyedgirl proves it), painting the walls darker will make your laundry room a designer destination. A color like Dulux Domino is a great choice if you’re looking for a charcoal shade. I’ve used it on the walls of clients’ homes before and it’s amazing.

Small Space Combination Laundry Room Powder Bathroom Refresh

Stop moving. Close your eyes. I know I’m going to try to force my background on you and I know you’re scared. But it’s not really necessary! Today’s wallpaper isn’t the scary horror variety of the seventies and eighties. They are so cute now.

And more good news: there are many brands that produce easy-to-clean wallpapers. You know, the kind of chalk paper that leaves no damage. Luxe Walls is a good local brand that I’ve used in the past, so if you want to take it easy, go for them.

This quilted item makes wallpaper a lot less intimidating and also makes it a brilliant idea for renters looking to redecorate their laundry room.

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

See how Kresswell Interiors has done it before? I would like to! And I know this is not one of those removable wallpapers and it might not suit your style. But it gives you a good idea of ​​what you can do with wallpaper.

Columbus Laundry Room Storage Cabinets & Shelves

The laundry is often very cold and sterile; the forgotten area where you just throw your clothes. But by laying down a mat or runner, you take the first step in warming up the field. Which is in great demand in winter!

Placing a rug in the laundry room will not only make it hotter, but it will also make the space less utilitarian. Instead of being a temporary space for doing housework, it becomes a beautiful space. And honestly, why can’t the laundry room have the same warmth and friendliness as the living room or bedroom? You can even enjoy your own washing (miracles can happen!).

This is one of the best ideas and it is very simple and affordable. Let me find some affordable rugs or runners and post a blog post soon. The image above, via Jean Stoffer, gives you a good idea of ​​how to do this. Is it divine?

On such a tiled floor, you will also need a rug to prevent slipping. I don’t want you to slip!

Effective Laundry Room Design

There is very little shelving and storage space in laundry rooms, so if you don’t have these essentials, it’s time to visit a hardware store like Bunnings for affordable shelving. They are very easy to mount on the wall and give you a reason to step away from the washer and dryer.

After the shelves are attached to the wall, it’s time to decorate. I recommend picking a color palette or theme (coastal, black and white, industrial) and working with it in style vignettes. The image above, via Abi Interiors, captures this concept perfectly.

A word of warning, though: Many floating shelves can’t support a lot of weight, so you’ll want to keep it fairly light when choosing your decor.

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

If you want something more durable, I recommend that you contact a professional so that they can mount it correctly on the wall support and make sure that the shelf does not fall from the wall and bring the plaster.

Before And After Small Laundry Room Makeovers

Another idea you usually don’t think about when doing laundry; exhibiting art. But I like it.

I also think it’s good to stay away from those language preparations that are obviously meant for laundry. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with prints that are all about wash, wash or wash. But I love the idea of ​​putting unique and individual art in the laundry room and making it a design destination like I said before!

Take cues from the artistic style in your home and incorporate it into the design of your laundry room. This way, all the rooms in the house feel unified and connected. The image above, via Kate Walker Design, illustrates this idea perfectly.

I love the contrast of black with marble on this Zephyr & Stone sink. How beautiful is it? If it was a chrome bulb, it wouldn’t have such an interesting contrast.

Laundry Wallpaper Ideas To Freshen Up Your Space

This completely proves my point that new software can change lives. This is a really cheap laundry room decorating idea and you can do it all in one day. Go to a place like Bunnings and find yourself an amazing new faucet. Then come home and change – easy!

There are other brands doing amazing things in this space, but the budget offerings can be found at hardware stores and you can see them in person.

Need help finding the right touch color for you? Here is my chart for the most popular touch up colors.

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

If you’ve been in the house for a while, it may be worth updating your cabinet door handles. Or if, like me, you don’t like the handles that came with your new home, you can replace those too.

Small Budget Laundry Room Makeover

Sometimes changing something as small as a drawer handle can make a big difference. Especially if you’re removing a very boring or plain handle and replacing it with a handle of a certain style (like industrial or French provincial). It can really be the element that starts to change the overall design style of your room.

I love the leather pull handle trend like the one shown above via Cabinet Story. They give the room an instant modernity. Notice how I’m talking about the upper cabinet color? Love that sense of connection in the room.

It goes without saying that houseplants are the bomb. I usually kill them all, so if you’re in the same boat, this article will show you six almost unreleased varieties. And if you thought fake plants and flowers were a thing of the past, this post will change your mind!

In wet spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, I love the natural feel that plants and flowers can bring to the room. Place a plant in the corner of the room or choose a smaller bouquet on a shelf or chair. Either way, it will bring life to the room (literally) and give you something to smile about while you’re at it!

Stylish But Cheap Laundry Room Design Ideas

The lingerie above is from Norsu’s Amazing House, which you can view in full here.

Depending on the size of your laundry room, there’s no reason why you can’t install a killer light fixture that adds an extra touch to the room.

If you choose to mount it in the middle of a ceiling that doesn’t let in much light, don’t be afraid! You can install a light strip and place it under the upper cabinet so that your work area is still light and bright.

Decorating A Laundry Room On A Budget

Of all the cheap laundry room decorating ideas in this post, this is one of my favorites because it’s so unexpected.

Affordable & Easy Diy Laundry Room Makeover

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