Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

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Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

I’ve asked myself this question over and over since moving from a 3,000-square-foot suburban home to a tiny 1920s bungalow. Every time I try to do a project, I find myself taking over the dinner table. When we bought the house, I knew it would be hard to just have one place to work, make and eat, but I had no idea how annoying (and time-consuming) this shared table situation could actually be.

Craft Room Organization: How To Organize A Tiny Craft Room Efficiently!

In our bungalow lifestyle so far, we’ve worn a lot of hats for the dining room. Realizing that there is limited wall space throughout the house, we always plan to have our famous shoe cabinet against the back wall of the room. Then, in late summer, we realized the house was seriously lacking reasonable mudroom space, so we built dedicated storage in the corner next to the front door for coral backpacks and jackets.

Our dining room also doubles as my office while I work on client designs at home, along with a project desk where I create DIY tutorials for this blog, and a homework station for our youngest daughter. Oh yes, this is the only place in our house where we can sit and eat.

So that means I clean the space at least twice a day so that it can actually be used for its intended purpose (as a restaurant).

Maybe even more annoying? I have yet to find a place to store all my craft project supplies in my new home. Everything was originally dumped in our detached garage and left there.

How To Organize Craft Supplies: 25 Clever Ideas!

So if I’m painting an original piece of art for a client, I have to go all the way out of the house and around the house to get to the garage to get the supplies. Assuming the project can be done in 5 hours, I can get the supplies back to the garage and set the table before dinner time. Most of the time, though, I’ll be sitting by the front door with a bunch of tools, waiting for time to finish more complex projects before returning to the garage.

Solving the hassle of not having a dedicated space in my house for my crafts was also a challenge. The only real storage space in our house is either in the basement on the first floor or in our creepy attic. Both options leave a lot to be desired due to dust, cobwebs and inaccessibility.

In the IKEA room gallery we found this mudroom with simple wooden shelving that blew my mind. I love the clean lines and thoughtful organization ideas. I screamed when I walked into the space

Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

The space is just five feet by seven feet (35 square feet), and it’s technically an old porch at the back of the house—near the kitchen—that had been covered up a bit badly by the previous owner. This space has no electrical outlets and no HVAC ventilation system, but is airtight and weatherproof, allowing it to function as a room in our home.

Dreambox Storage Craft Room Makeover

So if we need more space, why not use this space? Well, it’s on the right behind the house, the driveway on the left in front is empty. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use this space as our main entrance (opposite the front door) since we have to walk around the house in good weather instead of walking the two feet to our covered front porch.

Instead, we use this area as a dump for recycling junk and miscellaneous project materials that haven’t made it to the garage.

But in that moment, looking at the IKEA space in front of me, it dawned on me that our mudroom was a truly functional creative space for my projects and hobbies.

I was even more inspired when I discovered that the IKEA shelving pictured above had an add-on option for a pull-out table. Since I do need a place to store my paints, papers, materials, and various project items, I figured a shelf would serve that purpose. It didn’t even occur to me that I could also use this same shelving unit as a flexible workspace!

Craft Room Tour

I’m driving home from Memphis (the closest IKEA location to us) and plan to spend some time sketching and taking another trip soon to make my workspace look good and fit me perfectly.

When we got home from IKEA, I was more determined than ever to turn my unused mudroom into a crafting retreat where I could mess things up and clean them up with ease and  Toss away without interfering with our daily life. I just need to make a plan. I had to identify every item that needed to be stored in this space to make sure I had everything in mind. Otherwise, the entire project would be nil even if I only have some objects that don’t have an attribution specified.

I know I’m not the first to turn a small space into a craft room, so I scoured the internet for some inspiration and ideas. I ended up with a beautifully furnished room with plenty of storage space for wrapping paper, paper crafts, fabric and sewing supplies, and of course lots of ideas for storing craft paint!

Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

I’m even more impressed by how many people carve out a little nook in their home and turn it into an office or workspace. There are also a bunch of pictures of the craft room in the closet! Like, they had a closet and turned it into a craft room! Bright thinking, people!

Practical Craft Room Storage Ideas

She built a wall of bookshelves in the living room to store her books and magazines. At the end of the open shelving, she added a deep shelf to create a small desk where she can blog and work from home.

My takeaway: I can store my design books, magazines, catalogs and client design files in my craft room. I had to give them a dedicated paper storage solution on open shelves to keep things from looking cluttered. Making all my storage boxes the same color also puts more emphasis on what I really want to show off in the room: my books and art.

I was also incredibly inspired by this blue door Jane from Rambling Renovators added the “Department of Arts and Crafts” decal. It looks like an exterior door to my mudroom*. I started thinking I could make a vinyl decal for my own door with my company logo on it. Since the space has exterior access from the front yard, I can also use the space as a client’s first stop in my home when we sit down for an initial consultation.

*Ahem, should I call it a “craft room” at this point? I mean, haven’t we all put a lot of effort into turning this space into a craft room and ditching its inefficient mudroom roots?

Craft Tables With Storage (2023)

I also love that she painted the door blue. It adds a lot of personality to a sometimes a little dull space, doesn’t it?

Speaking of personality, my friend Ariel from PMQ for Two doesn’t hesitate to show off her fun, colorful aesthetic. While searching for craft room decorating ideas on Pinterest, I came across a picture of her office space and came across a great idea to add character to the original historic shipboard and bead board walls.

She also reminded me that I should really consider adding a place to add wrapping paper and random wrapping supplies (ribbons, tape, bows, tissue paper, etc.). Especially with the holidays around the corner, it makes my life so much easier to have a dedicated place to store all the roll wrappers. Especially since they’re all currently stored in the garage, I’ve added a “gift wrap supply station” to my list of craft room organizing furniture.

Craft Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

When I search the internet for small space design ideas, I keep coming across the same look: white walls, white furniture and colorful decor. Lots and lots of pink.

Craft Organizer: Hacks For Organizing Craft Supplies

While my daughter would love the space (in fact, it’s like her bedroom right now), it’s not exactly the vibe we want for the whole house. For our bungalow,

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