Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Looking for great French country bathroom decorating ideas? We’re here to help! If you love the French Country decorating style, you may be wondering how to get that look in your bathroom. This French desert bath will inspire you in many ways. We are always inspired by the houses that belong to a teahouse in the south of France.

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

No matter where you live, you’ll be happy to know that this look in your home is easier than you think! You see, many Americans have fallen in love with that charming French country style, and as a result, many furniture and decor items can be found in this design. You just have to know where to look!

Cool Rustic Bathroom Designs

We share with you the best French country bathroom ideas we’ve found online to guide you in making your design decisions. From toilet paper to mirrors, there are tons of beautiful decor items you can steal in your bathroom! Let’s see.

Many French designs are inspired by vintage pieces, such as this beautiful planter sink with blue flowers carved into the basin. A bronze vanity with marble accents completes the look of this French style bathroom!

The rustic, warm brown elements of this space warm it up. A rustic touch like a brown basket with toilet paper or a brown wooden footstool with towels will add a lot of charm to this space!

A bathtub or clawfoot tub is a staple in a country house French bathroom! Why stretch in the bathroom when you have plenty of space? Antique wooden shelves can hold all your bathing suits. Finally, I also love the vintage code on the walls and the hexagonal stair tiles in this space.

Sensational Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

The French love to decorate with gold. From gold French framed mirrors to elegant gold bathroom fixtures, there are several ways to add gold to your space. This bathroom has vintage gold wall tiles and a vintage wall clock for decoration.

I love this American version of the French bathroom, which has two sinks and a vintage wood table to complement the bathroom. A creamy white antique glass top is fantastic. Finally, two matching wall hangings brighten up the space, just like the pretty pink pallets on the white farmhouse! The country basket below holds the family’s white linens well.

Love the French country in this bright marble bathroom! A clawfoot tub with gold legs and gold fittings, a rustic wooden bath tray, a small wooden bench, a vintage gold wall mirror, a double crystal wall panel, a vintage wooden armoire, and a pale brown vanity—this bathroom has it all!

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

A split shower curtain makes this bathroom truly ‘French’. I think it’s a great mix of French vintage and rustic design.

Best Bathroom Design Ideas 2023

Blue/Gingham Curtains How beautiful is this place? Love everything about it. It is originally from France – not American!

So this bathroom is minimal and cool, but still French. They went with white mirrors instead of golden wall mirrors. Same design, different color. It works! A silver frame replaces the crystal chandelier. If you want a more elegant and modern French bathroom with old world inspiration, this is the design for you!

Love this bathroom wall hanging raisin frame gallery wall. Antique art and antique wall mirrors complement the space beautifully. It’s eco-friendly!

I’ve shared another great view of the French Riviera above. This view gives you a view of the French bathroom, antique marble countertops, and beautiful glass walls.

Spa Like Master Bathroom Décor Ideas

American, but still inspiring. A show-stopping large crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling in this bathroom. There is a long wall of glass. The large bathroom is decorated with marble subway tiles and antique brass fixtures. Find antique brass bathroom fixtures and bathroom hardware here!

The French can wince like the English! That single-striped linen bath towel hanging on the wall is also in place.

Another white bathroom vanity and a rustic wooden side table. This bathroom has pink curtains which I love! They are also lined up in front of white curtains. Wall art gallery staring into the bathroom!

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

You can’t do French country without a vintage skirt somewhere in the house! It’s definitely an old world style decor, but it’s really cute and fun.

Best Cottage Style Bathroom Ideas And Designs For 2022

Use a rustic wooden board as your bathroom frame when you shower. This space has a lot of rough elements such as side tables and wall hooks. This is a winner.

When in doubt, go with Louis XIV! Those who decided to hang a portrait of the famous French king Louis XIV on the wall are certainly the main fans of French culture. By the way, this photo is actually from a hotel, but you can guess who their customers are: they’re probably not French!

French love belts in their fabrics! A white vase with flowers is also lovely.

To be honest, I think it’s hard to pull off a white room, but this one does it flawlessly! I think the curves of the vintage dress and the subtle gray veins of the marble give it enough character to make it work. It doesn’t feel like a hospital.

Bathroom Decor Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Glasses are never too much. Love the collection of mirrors featured on this floating wall shelf in this bathroom!

It’s interesting. I hope this gives you some serious inspiration on how to decorate your bathroom in French country style. As always, share your thoughts with us.

Want more? We have more ideas to create the perfect French country look in every room of your home. Check out our favorite inspirations below:

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

We’ve also written a lot about French country mirrors, decor, and guides to French pillows, so don’t miss out on those recommendations either!

Best Farmhouse Bathrooms Ideas + Trends

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As design enthusiasts, we know we shouldn’t play our favorite games – however, the bathroom is definitely our happiest place. .

You can consider the French country style for yourself. Luxurious and rustic fittings, a French bath practically begs you to relax.

So, how do you bring this unique style into your space? Read on for 17 beautiful French country bathroom ideas. From small changes or big changes, there is something for everyone.

Best Small Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas With A Difference

As this basic bathroom from My Chic Obsession proves, a little creativity goes a long way. Here, blogger Carolyn Arentson transforms a beautiful table into a super-stylish sink. Decorative details and natural wood finishes create a delightful balance between luxury and country.

There’s something about a small, hexagonal plaque that instantly transports us to a nearby bistro along the Champs-Élysées. If you want to bring this cool design approach to the country, match the sweet spot with a subway tile backsplash, round baseboards and coffered ceilings. Grace blogger Brooke Kristen and her husband captured the scene in this peaceful setting.

When it comes to bathroom fixtures that exude a luxurious, French attitude, you can’t go wrong with brass. If you want to make this gorgeous metal more farm-friendly, pair it with charming details.

Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here, blogger Alyssa Bovino mixes shades of green, adorable millinery, and sweet videos. Monogrammed towels make this French country bathroom look like a five-star hotel.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Can it get more French than a cute, crocheted bathtub? Of course not, and here’s why it’s the ultimate French country bathroom idea. Katie Hong mixed a bit of country with wooden stairs and paneled walls.

If you want to make your luxury faucet more attractive, consider matching it with strategically placed tiles. Lisa Gilmore recreated the print series privacy screen used in this space

Another way to elevate your toenails is to add rich accents like brass studs or studded anklets. Let’s take a look at this sophisticated arrangement from Austin-based interior designer Erin Williamson

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