Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas – A modern, well-designed farmhouse bathroom adds charm and sophistication to your oasis while providing the perfect place to start your day and relax into the evening. The farmhouse style emphasizes functionality and simplicity with a touch of rustic charm. (Updated June 2023)

When designing a modern farmhouse bathroom, it is important to keep the overall aesthetic of the farmhouse style while incorporating modern elements. Start by selecting a color scheme in neutral tones such as white, cream, and gray. Consider incorporating reclaimed wood accents, such as a dresser or shelving, for a rustic touch. Choose sleek, simple fixtures like a freestanding tub or frameless glass shower to keep the space modern. Remember to include lots of storage options, such as floating shelves or a medicine cabinet, to keep the space organized and clutter-free. Finally, add green plants through potted plants or fresh flowers to bring a touch of nature in the room.

Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas

Not every home has a large master bathroom, but luxury and superior design can also come in small packages. A solid foundation of beautiful materials sets the tone when matched with a well-thought-out color scheme. The final touches bring it all together, so be sure to engage your senses by adding scented soaps, bath bombs, plants, sponges and pretty baskets.

Beautiful Bathrooms That You Will Want To Stay In Forever

Inspired by the beach in this home, Lindye Galloway’s team used beach elements with a natural design aesthetic similar to that of the Nordics. As their beloved client’s childhood home, Lindy designed this project with the aim of retaining nostalgia while incorporating a fresh new design. A neutral palette with bold moments and layers of texture add a unique touch to every corner of this home.

Tucked away in the canyons of Irvine, California, this 10,000 square foot home is full of Spanish influences. With architectural foundations such as beautiful arches and organic features, the Lynde Galloway team brings a uniquely nuanced vision to life. As a result, you get high ceilings, geometric shapes, plaster all over, and luxurious materials for an eloquent look. With an elite design approach that is intentional, functional, their designs embrace natural light and a trendy color palette.

Whether you live in a traditional home or crave the comforts of an old-fashioned bathtub, a claw foot tub can be an attractive focal point for any bathroom. In this space from Old Hillsborough Building Co., a bronze chandelier and claw-footed tub with creamy white shiplap for a modern farmhouse look. Details like built-in shelves and a wall-mounted TV make this tub one you won’t want to leave.

Although architecturally reminiscent of the old world, the villa’s contemporary touch lends it a timely style. The house was designed by Calvin Wyant of Arizona. Interior design by Lisa Lee Hickman. Modern Mediterranean style features featured in this home include the liberal use of wood, stone, steel and glass both inside and out. Together, all of these elements give the impression of an attractive country home that has evolved over time to cater to the lifestyle of its residents.

Rejuvenate Your Senses With Luxury Master Bathroom Designs

The master bathroom is stunning with stunning Tuscan marble floors in a herringbone pattern that add to the appeal. The freestanding tub’s clean lines contrast sharply with the French bench’s fluid look.

Sophisticated master bathroom with warm wood paneling, black kitchen cabinets with brass knobs, curved brass mirror and white marble countertop.

Jean Stauffer Design in partnership with Kenoa Builders was responsible for the renovation of this historic 1905 home located in the heart of Heritage Hill, a residential neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas

While farmhouse designs usually lend themselves to a neutral palette, modern bathrooms are a great place to add a splash of bold or subtle color. Go for a neutral palette – keep things fresh and concise by incorporating taupe, gray or cream colors that create an open and airy feel to the room. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring and can be enhanced through pattern and texture. Think woven baskets, graphic rugs, patterned tiles and beautiful wood tones. Many homeowners are turning to brass siding and accessories that work especially well with bathrooms clad in warm colors.

Beautiful Beach House Bathrooms

You can go bold by introducing visually appealing colors like green, purple, orange and red. I’ve included several photos of designers Heidi Callier, Kate Marker, and Jean Stauffer, who all share an uncanny knack for bringing color to bathrooms through pattern and texture.

Try saturating a space with deep earth tones like emerald and forest green. These rich tones complement rustic details like wood cabinets and ceiling beams which contrast with white porcelain fixtures. High-contrast elements such as brightly colored tiles are toned down by incorporating natural elements such as wicker storage baskets and weathered wood furniture. If you want a more feminine or romantic feel to your bathroom, consider bringing in lighter shades of pink, purple, or orange with vases, flowers, or artwork. For a monochromatic look, create a foolproof palette in a farmhouse bathroom with black, white, and brass.

This green and black guest bathroom palette is visually appealing. Plumbing fixtures by Kohler, and tiles by Bedrosian Tile.

This beautiful purple bathroom has a classic wooden toilet lid, simple vanity and stone tile floor. Heidi Kylie chose an unexpected shade of purple, brass fixtures and lighting, and smoked marble for the bathroom. Check out more of Heidi’s work in my recent posts

Cottage Bathroom Ideas: 22 Practical Spaces Full Of Character |

This subtle but bold bathroom designed by Heidi Caillier shows off its versatility with tiles and color. “I’m obsessed with tile,” says Heidi Callier of Nisha Crosland’s Frida terra-cotta design for De Ferranti, paired playfully here with a slate of rose-colored fireclay. The antique mirror is from BIA London. Shades of Rose Turlow adorn the sconces from Urban Electric Co. Sculpted marble lid, another custom vanity top from HCD. The call was from Newport Brass. Check out more of Heidi’s work in my recent posts

Simplicity is the main design element of modern farmhouse designs. Wood tones are essential to add to the mix and can be introduced with wood floors as frames around mirrors, ceiling beams and light fixtures. Freestanding tubs are all the rage now and another great item to add to a bathroom. Deep tubs can add instant luxury and style and provide a comfortable place to soak and enjoy. Consider adding rustic vanities and cabinets for added warmth and texture. Modern farmhouse bathrooms incorporate natural elements that blend seamlessly with modern fixtures. Farmhouse style sinks are another signature statement in a farmhouse bathroom.

Crafted from mango wood, this traditional farmhouse-inspired dresser features a rocking chair front with a black tint for a modern feel. Baseboard provides a custom made look – no reno required.

Cottage Style Master Bathroom Ideas

The owners of Irwin Construction renovated their own bathroom with a neutral color scheme and lots of texture. In this room, they love the contrasting textures of shiplap, subway tile, marble herringbone tiles in the shampoo alcove, large grain cedar accents, and the various textiles we use for decoration. These varied surfaces add interest where the color palette is minimal.

Wet Room Design Round Up

The master bathroom is the only place in the house where Amber Lewis changed the wall paint color, opting for a Portola Paints tablecloth to remove the green hue that can look “funky” on skin. A Pinterest photo inspired the room with an apron front and Calacatta Super Oro Gold Vein marble on the countertops. Gold Waterworks fittings, Lee Valley brass hardware, and custom oak cabinets make the Waterworks Empire freestanding tub look irresistible.

A great way to bring a touch of glamor to a farmhouse bathroom is to incorporate metallic light fixtures that make a strong statement. To create a truly luxurious bathroom, pendant lights, decorative wall sconces and recessed lighting can create instant sophistication. The trick to lighting up a bathroom while creating a luxurious feel, says designer Scott Arthur Yorkey, is to use multiple layers. Dimmer switches are a great addition to any bathroom as they can provide the same effect as soft candle lighting. Metallurgy was introduced through faucets, shower fixtures, towel holders and cabinet hardware.

The master bathroom is the jewel of this home. Separately, the bathroom is flanked by men’s and women’s vanities, with vanities extending along the far wall. The top cabinet provides additional storage if the six drawers under the dresser are not enough. Warm brass fixtures and a hand-painted tile backsplash keep the room from feeling too dark and moody despite its deep gray tones.

The bathroom separates the space, three walls of glass enter the room and make quite a dramatic presence. To add more drama and celebrate the shower, Devon Grace continued two slabs of dark gray porcelain along the back wall and led them across the ceiling. White cabinets above the countertop provide additional storage and help balance the space and make the space feel light and airy.

Timeless Rustic Bathroom Ideas

White farmhouse master bathroom with white and gray tiles, freestanding tub, plush chandelier and brass fixtures.

This beautiful bathroom features a large tub, heated floors, brass fittings and jelly

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