Cottage Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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We moved into our new home two weeks ago and are already finishing renovation projects and making this house feel like home. The first room we entered was our master bathroom. Since our room was already arranged the way we wanted, we decided to start with this place, since there is no actual door to divide the two spaces, the bathroom is a direct extension of the room, which you can always see in it. .

Cottage Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Cottage Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

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First we painted the cabinets white and added modern black hardware to the drawers and doors. Then we set up a mirror to create that cute look that was perfect. Getting a custom mirror panel would be very expensive. Hundreds and hundreds. We could put the whole project together for about $30 with wood, glue, and glue. These were huge savings at a fraction of the cost, so we got the same image at the end of the day. It is like a pure god.

The first thing you need to do is measure the length and width of the mirror to determine how much wood you need.

When you have the wood, cut the pieces to size, cut 45 pieces to the corner level, so that the four corners fit snugly. You need two widths and two lengths.

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After the pieces were cut, the wood was stained. We bought some stain at the grocery store, then pressed it and let it dry overnight before flipping it and painting the other side. Because of the mirror image, both sides must be painted, otherwise the raw back of the panels will appear in the mirror. Trust us, we know.

When the panels were painted, he just put a rubber stamp on the back of each panel and stuck them to the mirror. You need a few hands to press the boards together while the caulk dries. After about 15 minutes, everything should be set up so that you can walk and look at your useful work.

Right now, Scott® ComfortPlus™ 12K Large Roll is $4.25 and Scott® 6K Mega Roll Scott® Paper Towels are available for $5.25 at your local Family Dollar store. Be sure to use your $0.75 Smart Coupon between 2/9-22/22 for even more savings! When we were building the Old Salt Farm, we installed a construction-grade mirror, knowing that building mirrors would be on our list. once we moved in and saved a lot of money. They are finally ready and I love it! These simple framed mirrors add so much distinction to your bathroom that it’s amazing. If you want an inexpensive way to update your bathroom, a builder grade mirror panel is a great place to start!

Cottage Bathroom Mirror Ideas

These finished around a 1-2 day project, but all we had to do was wait for the stain and paint to dry. If you just paint or just paint, it will be a little faster. The cost is very reasonable – less than $20 per bathroom.

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I used 1-4’s ​​(which are actually about 3.5″) because my mirrors aren’t very large and wider woods that mirror too much. If I had a large mirror, I would use a 1×6 instead (about 5.5″ wide).

I just painted some and colored some, and then bleached and sanded my paint. Do what you want – color, spots, etc.

You can straighten the edges of the woods so they meet at cross corners, but I prefer straight ones. This way it is much easier.

Use a 1/2 inch straight drill bit to cut a slot in the plastic clips that hold the mirror. Autumn Alley Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

Cut the wood to length. First, measure the sides, which are usually just the height of the mirror. The top and bottom parts are cut to fit, leaving a space in the middle. For example, if the mirror is 20 inches high and 20 inches wide, the pieces are 20 inches, and the top and bottom pieces are 13 inches. The width of the side members will be 3.5 inches, and the same amount, minus 20 of the width of the mirror. We just change the number to a different size frame and wider wood.

Paint, stain, sand, &c. I made four bathroom paintings – I left two colors and painted the other two, and then dry-bleached them and sanded them for a distressed look.

Use wood glue to attach the wood to the frame. You can also use a key, but we decided not to, because it was such a short time until we put the mirror on it.

Cottage Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Place the board directly under the location of the clip and mark it. I will tell you where the section is cut after the frame. We had the top and bottom pieces, but wherever they were cut from, they can also be pieces. Use a compact router to cut a hole in the back of the wood to fit the clip and flush against the mirror.

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Attach it to the mirror and quickly click on the plane to make it very straight. Liquid nails dry quickly and once dry they cannot be moved so they can be measured immediately.

Put the wood in place for a minute or two, then slide it between the bottom of the frame and the back, or vice versa, so that it doesn’t slide while it dries.

While we’re here, I thought I’d show you the rest of the bathroom! This is our main bathroom and when we were planning the house we decided not to make it too big. It is big enough, but no more. No tub – none of us cares for the bath, and I and the girl are outside. Enter, gird up your loins, and go. I’d rather use the square footage in the other rooms and make our room bigger. I am not sorry at all! That’s the beauty of building – you can build a useful space that fits your needs and wants.

I also went with a single sink to maximize space. My husband and I rarely get ready together, and when we do, I work on hair and clothes while he uses the sink. I’m so glad I chose this one – if I had installed another sink, I wouldn’t have had much space for my curling irons, hair dryer, toiletries, etc. I like that the counter is recessed because I can sit on the sink. come or get up. It’s also a great place for my girls to come in and get their hair done! The younger one is still sitting on the counter, but the older girls are sitting on the chair. It pleases me!

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Kierste Wade is a published author, blogger and mother of six. With over 20 years of DIY and project experience, sharing ideas on his blog since 2009. Focusing on simple and doable projects, he wants to share accessible ideas for home, party and family. Kierste has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, American Farmhouse Magazine (in store and online), country living, and more. Mirrors are wonderful in any room, especially in the bathroom. Of course, practicality is always important, but the best bathroom mirrors are also decorative elements, turning even the simplest spaces into elegant spaces. For example, check out these bathroom mirror ideas: Many of the designs below will fit your bathroom

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