Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms – It took me a while to compile this post, but finally we are happy to share all the details about our small bathroom on a budget, including what we did – and what we wish we could do again!

“Front” versions of guest bathrooms are a common sight, as these gold granite tiles and countertops were very popular among home builders many years ago.

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

But the combination of brown floor and bathroom tiles, cherry wood sink, and gold granite countertops is just too dark for me. Since this small space has no windows, it really does feel like a cave when you enter here.

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In fact, this bathroom is even darker because the walls are also beige! However, I painted it white a few years ago, with Benjamin Moore’s Plain White, and it made a huge difference.

I love these lighter, brighter shades of small bathrooms. It goes from the darkest room in our house to the brightest room!

To stay within our budget (starting at $1,000, but eventually approaching $1,200), we kept the original bathroom layout and used the same sink, toilet, tub, mirror, shower head, towel rail, and faucet.

I was finally able to add a new faucet – I’m amazed that the faucet we have is still in great condition after 11 years!

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The first thing we did was add a fresh coat of paint to the sink with Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue.

If you remember, when we remodeled our kitchen, we paid someone to paint all the cabinets. They came in, glued everything in, cleaned out the old hardware, dusted all the cupboards, lightly sanded, polished, painted, took it to their shop to paint the cupboard doors and drawer fronts, then put it back together a few days later. our new handle. It was amazing!

Bathroom renovation so I decided to try painting the cabinets to reduce the cost of bathroom renovation.

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

This was my first attempt at painting the cabinets, but if it didn’t work I figured I should factor the cost of new cabinets into our budget.

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Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to paint our dresser – it turned out great!

If you are considering painting your bathroom cabinets yourself, this is a great way to save money. Check out my step by step tutorial for painting bathroom cabinets.

Then we replaced the old chandelier with an out of this world pendant. I ordered it in copper because I was planning to replace the cabinet and faucet hardware with copper.

Then I decided not to use copper here, so we painted the metal and plastic parts of each lamp black.

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I’m glad we added new light fixtures during the renovation process as they added some much needed light to the area and made our job a little easier while we look at the rest of the projects here.

I was originally going to paint the brown tiles in the bathroom with this product. But smoking etc. After reading all the warnings, Dave suggested removing the old tiles and replacing them. (Gray!)

We chose classic white subway tile from Home Depot for the bathroom surrounds, which are an easy, budget-friendly solution. I chose the longer 12″ version for a slightly different look.

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

With amazing DIY skills, Dave removed the old tiles within hours, but some of the tiles were permanently attached to the wall, so he removed all the old tiles and installed new ones.

Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

This added an extra day to the project as he needed masking tape, clay and sand before he could start laying the tiles.

It’s a good idea to cover the tub with a piece of plywood to prevent it from collapsing.

I knew I wanted white quartz countertops for the sink, so I went to the kitchen and bathroom department at Lowe’s and ordered a custom countertop and quartz sink.

Since the joints are 5′ long, we bought them at the store and Dave installed them himself, saving quite a bit of money in labor costs.

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But after Dave finished all around the bathroom and saw how good the new tiles looked, we decided to remove the old floor and install new tiles. I

We’re glad we went that route, but we have to admit, we want to know what hardwood floors look like.

The tile portion of the project took place during the first week of quarantine. Dave had more free time and was ready for a project, so one day I met with Lowe because I was feeling weird.

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Usually, I lie in the tiled aisle trying to make the best choice. But that day I grabbed the first tile I saw and liked (I knew I wanted something geometric), and I went with the mortar.

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Maybe it’s good that I have to make a quick decision because I like the tile I chose. It makes a big difference and helps bring the whole bathroom together.

Dave, on the other hand, is very reluctant to scream in and out of these little tiles – so he won’t stand another chance!

The last part of the DIY bathroom remodel was adding trim on the old flat cabinet doors to make them look like Shaker style bathroom cabinets.

Dave then cut the strips to size and attached them to the front of the cabinets with glue and nails.

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The extra 1/4″ of width on the front of the cabinet makes it stand out more than the drawers, but I don’t think most people will notice – and I prefer the look to the flat front.

We originally planned to spend $1,000; however, at the added expense of new wall paneling and a few extra features, we ended up a little over that amount.

I love that we were able to make this small bathroom a whole new space, giving it a whole new look without any structural changes – and still (for the most part) within our budget!

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Investing in bathroom faucets, lighting, mirrors, and cabinets doesn’t have to be a DIY bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Here are bathroom faucets, mirrors, doors and drawers, cabinets and lamps in different colors.

This full-on small bathroom renovation on a budget is hard work from start to finish. After years of living with this dark old bathroom, I’m excited to finally have a new bathroom for guests to enjoy. Next up: our master bathroom!

If you have any questions about our cheap DIY bathroom remodel or how to paint bathroom cabinets, send me a message or post them in the comments! xo Jane

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Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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