Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet – Our entryway has salmon pink walls and beige carpet. The peach walls really appealed to us during our first years in the house – they radiated welcome warmth in the afternoon sun. But the carpet does not. Then I learned that when you remove the carpet, it can take up to 200% of its weight as dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, skin cells and other debris build up on the carpet. alas!

So, in the early days of our coronavirus quarantine, I thought now was the perfect time to pull up the tough old entryway rug and restore the hardwood stairs.

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Ripping out rugs is hard and messy work. This is also the easiest part! The acting, in particular, is brutal. The whole process took about four days and a few weeks, but it was all worth it – we’re very pleased with the results.

Tips For Painting A Staircase Black And White

Here’s how we pulled up all the carpet, sanded and sealed the stairs, and painted trim and highlights to brighten up our entryway.

WARNING: Working on ladders is difficult – always be alert so you don’t lose your balance! This is especially a problem when you pull harder and harder on a piece of carpet or rug and it suddenly comes loose. Like falling in a tightrope, I almost died at least twice. Take care and hold on!

It’s also a good idea to wear a dust cap, as carpet can collect dust, mold and other dirt that you don’t want to inhale.

The first step is basically a disassembly job, which means it’s messy, but not too difficult. First, separate the carpet. Be careful not to hit the wood underneath. I found the carpet on the vertical riser to be soft enough to cut into safely – creating the carpet:

How To Refinish Stairs That Were Carpeted

Then start pulling. You can pull the carpet with gloved hands (gloved, of course, because there is a hidden sharp plate underneath to hold the carpet) or a shovel.

If it’s not a straight staircase, you’ll probably tear the carpet to shreds; our staircase has five different sections. I threw each one out on the porch as I walked. If the rug is a long strip, cut it every few feet, as it can be heavy and cumbersome.

Once the carpet and pad are ripped, you’re left with a messy and messy mess of staples, nails and debris.

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Use tweezers to pull out any staples or nails you find. (Some important products are hard to see, so this will be an ongoing project over the next few days.)

Diy Stairs Makeover From Carpet To Hardwood Stairs

The tacks that hold the rug in place have small protruding points that make them difficult to handle. And you don’t want to leave the stage until the next day, because they are waiting to attack you.

To pry them out, place a screwdriver under each strip, tap lightly with a hammer to lift it up a bit, then repeat as you move along the board.

This was the messiest and hardest part as many of our steps were in really bad shape. You can see that at one point someone put sticky soles on the stairs for safety – that left black stains and a slimy residue.

If you find that your hardwood floors under the carpet need more than a light touch up, I highly recommend hiring a professional to do this part of the job for you. But we’re in the middle of a global pandemic with many non-essential businesses at a standstill – even if I could, I wouldn’t plan to bring random entrepreneurs in. So I started sanding.

How To Paint A Staircase

Well, first I start typing. You can use a scraper with a very sharp blade to remove large amounts of old varnish and residue.

Then it’s sand time. We have an old electric mouse sander that works really well with 60 grit sanding the stairs and hard decks to bare wood. My wood floor sander has an efficient dust collector and I have a HEPA vacuum filter behind it and a box fan on the door pointing out to suck up excess dust.

But despite these measures, there was still dust in the house. Within the confines of narrow stairs, sand and vacuum cleaners did

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

With Gina and Jenny stuck at home due to quarantine, all the dust and noise was too much to deal with, so I started using a hand sander, which takes longer but is less invasive.

Encountered Lead Paint After Removing Carpet From The Stairs. Any Advice Regarding Removal/remediation?

And it is very difficult to remove stains. A trick I learned recently – when I’m almost done – is to use hydrogen peroxide to remove dark stains from old wood.

To do this, dip a cloth in peroxide (usually a 3 percent solution works well, but if you use a high concentration, you can dilute it with a little water), then leave the cloth on the contaminated area for a few hours or even overnight . . . This will lighten the wood and help remove dark spots. Let it dry completely – the wood will stay lighter when dry.

Peroxide is also a safe and effective way to remove pet urine stains and odors, which is why I discovered it. One reason I’m so eager to pull out the rug is that I swear I can hear a cat meowing at our door every now and then. I know the previous owner had a cat that was sometimes locked in the middle bedroom with food and a litter box – I’m starting to speculate that the cat was locked because it may have peed on the door when the owner was away.

I thought the carpet must smell like cat urine and removing it would help – but after vacuuming the carpet it smelled even worse! There was urine all over the woods near the front door and worse, it stinks.

This Is How To Remove Carpet From Stairs

Soaking the area with hydrogen peroxide is effective, however. It lightened the stain (and the rest of the wood around it – but in a brilliant way) and got rid of the smell after a few treatments. Then I realized I could use it instead of sand to make it easier to take the stairs too.

A few days later, to my great dismay, I noticed that the cat smell had returned. I used more peroxide and it went away again. Then it came back. Finally I used up all the hydrogen peroxide in the house and my patience.

Finally, we walked home and I saw a puddle on the floor. Turns out, our own cat started urinating in the same place because it smelled like another cat’s urine. I guess he thought I had put so much effort into installing a new bathroom. With the wood covered in sand and exposed, the floor soaked up cat pee like a thirsty sponge!

Can You Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

That’s when I bought a big bottle of Rocco & Roxie pet urine remover. Adding a small piece of tin foil to keep the cat from peeing again until I get the smell completely out seems to be doing the trick in the end. Hallelujah!

Stained Wood And Painted Stair Makeover

If you have an older or antique home, I generally do not recommend painting original wood trim. When an old wooden painting brightens up a room, it’s a decision that can’t be reversed.

However, as much as I love our 1920’s house, it will never become a historic building. This is an austere, welcoming, functional two-family home – not a fancy Colonial or Craftsman home. So we felt no guilt about painting the stairs, clapboards and whitewashed windows.

Painting is an easy DIY job, but it’s still the second hardest part. First, there was a lot of prep work: I had to thoroughly clean and lightly sand all the trim to prepare the surface. Painting over unfinished wood requires a minimum of 2-3 coats of primer, plus 2 more coats of enamel or semi-gloss trim paint.

Coats, not five! I had to keep reminding myself that each coat was a little easier and a little faster than the last.

Refinishing An Hardwood Staircase

I’m a pretty good artist, but I’ve always been better with a pen than a brush, and even though I draw slowly, I still make a lot of mistakes. About halfway up the stairs my edges were looking rough so I decided to start using painters tape. This takes a lot of prep time but saves painting time – a good compromise when five coats are needed. But, as other experts say, painter’s tape

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