Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor – This story is about bathing until you’re exhausted and refreshed in a 1920’s country house bungalow! Get ready for a simple, basic DIY home improvement project with a coastal/sea flavor: big-budget decorating ideas, lots of paint, swapping out light fixtures, hardware and bathroom accessories to reflect a cottage farm feel. Even if you have a hard time handling bathroom remodeling like me, please enjoy it!

Hello everyone!! I always love to share new crafts, projects, and ideas with you…but it definitely comes when it comes to decorating a room to share. And I’ve been sitting on it for a few weeks because I had some issues shipping the item. Now that everything is ready, let’s finally reveal the latest look!

Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

It’s not an easy color to take pictures of, but I really like it!! (Should have added….haha)

Navy Blue Cottage Bathroom Makeover

For years, I’ve been drawn to dark, gloomy rooms and the depth I find in deep tones and the atmosphere they create. I drew a big tree in my closet and did a lot of pin and door pulls in the nice places I saw… but I didn’t get a tan because the house and the place didn’t fit the depth. color room

And my bole and filial sea towels arrived and I knew. I knew this was the perfect opportunity for the dark to recede! I’m pretty sure you can get away with a dark shade in the bathroom due to the vaulted ceilings and the fact that we don’t spend much time there. After a long winter of rain for months, I thought the effect would be really fun without affecting anyone’s mood.

After deciding on the bathroom, I agonized between painting the sink and accent wall. The argon wall won. I am very happy with my choice. I think it’s more dramatic than the gap.

The rest of the bathroom is very light and white, so the blue towels look richer and more luxurious.

Farmhouse Guest Bathroom Reveal

Our delicious new towels were the push we needed to update a few key pieces in our bathroom without going through a complete overhaul. Jim and I had agreed to completely gut the bathroom when Austin graduated (since we all ran to The Little Cottage for the bathroom), but instead decided to shift the budget towards building a new workshop. Since everything works fine, I’m postponing the full restore because I made the right choice.

However, updating the bathroom was nice. We are still sticking to our “no major changes until remodel” plan.

We couldn’t be happier with the new lighting, mirrors and shelves. I was so lucky to find something I liked that went so beautifully with my existing faucet set.

Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Spending our budget on these 3 key areas really made a huge impact. I shopped around the house and picked up a few things I needed to complete the place.

Rustic Bathroom Decor For The Home Country Wall Art For Bedroom Sunflower Themed Farmhouse Bathroom Pictures Teal Decor Kitchen Canvas Framed Artwork For Walls Blue Wooden Board Modern Home Size 12×16

I love the marble cake stand so I decided to bring it back. This prevents the counter from breaking.

Eight months ago I visited family in California with blue and white curtains. my mother asked me “Where are you going to put it?” I said… I’m not sure, but I love them and keep buying them! (And they fit in my handbag). Shopping is a basic part of travel.

Speaking of my mom… I was on the phone a few days ago and told my mom that we needed some space on the wall between the shower and the room. I didn’t want to rush to fill the gap by buying something. I don’t want pointless filler and there aren’t many shopping options. While we were talking, I found a flashlight in a pile of “little cabin stuff”. Yes, there is a stack…but that’s good enough.

After a quick paint job, I hung them on nice old cast iron hangers. It doesn’t crowd the space and is perfect for lighting candles while in the shower. Can’t wait to use it.

Modern Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal!

It feels just right between this and my little bar stool/tray table. And see? I don’t need that damn target apothecary tower anyway. (Must follow me on facebook to get this) I couldn’t resist.

Thanks to Boll & Branch for sponsoring today’s post. It is a pleasure to work with such a great organization. They sent me a beautiful new 100% organic cotton towel that is not only soft but has a weight and density to match the quality. But… they are an organization with an amazing heart and mission. You [click here] are invited to read about how Boll & Branch ran their business, changed lives, and gave back.

Update for October 2019 – We are happy to report that Boll & Branch towels are stylish yet super soft and fluffy! It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

PS: As always, I promise to share all the DIY details and sources for everything in the room!! Piper Classics Market Place Blue Ticking And Grain Sack Stripe Shower Curtain, 72

If you haven’t visited Fox Hollow Cottage yet, you can see the full bath in a bright coastal cottage look [click here] .

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A 1920s cottage bungalow bathroom converted with lots of budget decorating ideas, navy blue paint, and simple, basic DIY home improvement projects.

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