Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Our family recently celebrated my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday! What a milestone in one’s life! I had the privilege of planning and organizing this event. I want to give you some simple and easy tips to have a beautiful ceremony without spending a lot of money on decorations. I want to share with you some quick tips for organizing a 70th birthday party on a budget.

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Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

This was achieved using Dollar Tree items: a mirror, a mason jar, a small ribbon, and a silk flower. I used my Cricut machine to cut paper center pieces that read “70s and Fabulous”. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful.

Unicorn Party Ideas On A Budget

I always go online and order personalized invitations! It’s free to do so! All you have to do is Google “free online invitations” and tons of results will come up. I always add an invitation to my Facebook event page or send it to my guests via text and messenger.

Here are some pictures of the table setting. I always try to make the most beautiful table decorations without spending too much. It is not necessary! I stocked up on dollar store chargers (silver plates under paper plates); This makes paper plates a wow factor on the table. Also, I always use plastic forks and knives and I usually wash them and save them for the next party. Then I bought paper plates, plastic tablecloths, napkins, table confetti for the party city table presentation. Finally, I always buy a packet of table confetti, preferably in a party theme. I love sprinkling confetti all over the table, it adds a simple touch to the decor for very little money.

When it comes to paper decorations, you really can’t beat the convenience and low cost when buying paper kits from places like Party City (or any party store in your area). A package of paper decorations will come in handy! If you need to stretch the budget further, there’s also a great selection available at many dollar stores these days. I love finding cute, less expensive paper products in the “wedding” section of the Dollar Tree.

In terms of extra special touches, here are some ideas for you that I made for my mother-in-law. I got the gold glitter “A” and thought it was a nice touch since her first name is “Alicia”. I also got two shiny gold numbers 7-0 to decorate her gift table. I printed a simple free sign from Pinterest and put it in a frame that hangs in my house. I also used a cheap frame at home and printed a picture of her when she was young and put it in the table frame. At the end of the party, I gave her the letter “A” along with it as a gift.

How To Throw A Birthday On A Budget

I found a small pillow in my house and decided to make a cute pillow for her using my Cricut machine and my Cricut Easy Press! So fun, cheap and easy and he loved his kiss!

I love to cook! I usually make cupcakes for this occasion because they are quick and easy to make. Check out my blog post on how I make my cupcakes!

I googled cupcake toppers and found 70 free designs that I could cut out on my cricket to make toppers for her cupcakes. I used heavy cardstock paper and hot glued the toppers onto cake pop sticks, which you can find at your local craft store. It makes cupcakes for less money.

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I used this little old tea cart as a cupcake table. It’s easy to decorate some tables with confetti. I also bought an inexpensive picture frame and put a picture of the birthday lady in it, which adds a personal touch to the table. I also love having ribbon on hand to decorate cake servers and cupcake displays.

St Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

I made a very simple vanilla cake with plain white fondant and a design on the fondant with silver dredges. Very simple, beautiful and cheap. To decorate the cake I cut the cake topper on my Cricut with glitter cardstock using a design I bought from Etsy and just glued it to the center of the cake with a stick. I also had a nice cake stand that I keep on hand for my parties. Voila! Good!

I usually always get out my glass dispenser and fill it with some kind of juice or punch and I always decorate it with a simple ribbon and cutouts that I make from my crickets. So easy and cheap because I got the ribbon from the dollar tree and had some extra cardboard.

I also found this cute blank sign at Party City and using some old gold vinyl I had on hand, cut the same design on my cricket. A beautiful plate made for the table.

The party was beautiful and elegant and I managed to stay on a tight budget. I hope you enjoy my ideas for 70th birthday decorations! I know people like to shame the millennial generation into thinking that everyone deserves a trophy, and that we’re all snowflakes, but celebrating your kids is a big deal! Me and my little girl love me.

How I Diy’ed An Epic Dinosaur Party On A Budget!

, seriously, I was ready to throw a party when she first walked in. But I’m lazy, and when it comes to throwing a party, all the information and whistles prove to be true.

I want to spend that money on gifts for my little one! My frugality is about avoiding spending money in the wrong places. So I scoured Pinterest for party inspiration and came up with the essentials.

I am a working mother and the only earning member of my family. I knew I had to keep a tight budget, and I just couldn’t do that.

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Helping with things like cakes, food, and decorations. With careful planning, I got it done for less than $100.

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

The only places I spent money were Target, Amazon and Publix. Perfectly affordable for busy modern moms who don’t have time to shop.

My $100 was split pretty evenly. 50/50 decor and food. Here’s a breakdown of how I put that amount to work:

Since I started planning the guest list 4 months in advance, I sent out the invitations 6 weeks in advance. By the week of the party I knew I had to expect at least thirty people…yeah.

For your information, you have to feed your guests. It doesn’t matter what time you want to host it. Choose some festive foods that are appropriate for the time of day. I warned some invitees. They won’t leave the party like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Year Old Girls’ Birthday Party Idea At Home, In The Budget

The night before the show, I made 3 different flavors of sweet roll sliders. I can’t recommend it enough. These are a hit in my house. My husband begs them. They are very simple.

It is the pint that inspired these flavors. As you can see I did not follow the recipe. I deal with a lot of picky eaters. The amazing thing is that you can fill them with literally anything. All you need is the logistics (cooking temperature and time, don’t forget the aluminum foil!).

I spent about $20 on a sandwich fixin’. We could have done well with a fourth tray, but everyone ate their fill. It’s a pity there weren’t many people there haha!

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Also we spent about $18 on fruit which turned out to be our fruit salad. I used a small variation of this pin:

Dollar Store Birthday Party Ideas

Dessert has its own section, as cake plays an important role in birthday celebrations! Baby Girl has her own, as expected, Pinterest-worthy party.

There was a cake outside. They never look good to me anyway. I love fresh pie! Now I don’t have the time or equipment to make a really nice layered base cake. That’s why I chose cupcakes and cake pops!

I spent less than $5 on cake mix and frosting. I made a 6″ smash cake for the birthday babe and piped the remaining batter into some cupcake liners. Big Bang!

My husband was so worried we wouldn’t have enough that he sent one of our parents (don’t know which one) to buy a 6 pack of extras. Happy husband, happy life?

Kids’ Birthday Party Food Ideas On A Budget

Cake Pops: They are beautiful, trendy, delicious and very easy to make. One day I’ll experiment and find some great ways to reduce it completely, but not today.

All materials cost about $10. Cake pops are a trend to say the least. But I wanted an extra celebratory dessert, and all but two

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