Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away – Summer is all about the beaches, for the barbecues and the mosquitos. These little bastards love me and I’ve tried everything to keep them at bay. Nothing has worked so far. This is how you make your own mosquito repellent.

One day my husband and I were researching pesticides and talking about the scary wasps and mosquitoes and decided to create a one-of-a-kind planter instead of spraying pesticides.

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

First, choose a cute pot with holes in the bottom for this DIY mosquito repellent. I used a pot about 2 feet by 2 feet. It was very large and made of stone.

List Of Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Next, you want to make sure you choose a good pot. I used black gold. Organic fertilizers are really important; Helps your plants grow and thrive without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The bottom of the pit is ⅓ Before planting, carefully loosen the rooted bulbs, add them to the pot, pat them gently, leaving about a centimeter of free space on top and water gently.

Lavender, a divine scent that can help you sleep. When used in the garden, it works as a great pest repellent.

The sweet scent of lavender repels mosquitoes, so keep it in the garden or on doors, windows, and doors. It is best to plant them in pots near windows and recreation areas.

Keep The Bugs Away With These 6 Natural Pest Repellent Plants

Terpenoid alcohol adds to the fruity flavour. we. According to the Environmental Protection Agency; This substance is the active ingredient in more than a dozen registered products used to control mosquitoes outdoors.

Rosemary is an herb known for its woody scent that repels mosquitoes.

Plant lavender in the back and layer rosemary in front of it. Finally, a layer of one hundred layers is placed in front of the rosemary. Basically from the longest to the shortest.

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you like to keep the planter near a window or in our seating area, it is sure to be mosquito proof.

Plants Mosquitoes Hate And Repel Them Naturally

Now, if this is not your case. You can also make a DIY Natural Bug Spray recipe, which is a safe and natural alternative to DEET. I can’t find this recipe anywhere else.

Some insects are important to the health of our gardens and biodiversity; It is important to note that you can actually grow certain things that will attract bees and butterflies to your garden, one of which is bees. If you garden, it’s also important to remember about waste. I wrote a whole tutorial on pot recycling.

Rain Barrel You can take your ecological garden a step further by adding a compost bin or even pretty DIY planters filled with lavender.

If this post was helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – sharing is caring 🙂! These mosquito nets are symmetrical, beautiful and practical. I’ll show you how to arrange them into a beautiful container garden that you can display proudly in your yard. Here are some mosquito repelling plants and how to keep them alive all summer long.

How To Make A Mosquito Repellent Container Garden

Prevent mosquitos from ruining your party by creating a beautiful patio planter that keeps insects away. There are many plants that repel mosquitoes and other insects, especially aromatic herbs and flowering plants. Patio Creating a mosquito net container garden in an entertaining area such as a deck or lawn can move the planter to prevent mosquitoes from running out early.

This recipe is for an area where the sun shines at least 6-8 hours a day. The plants grow great in containers, flower at different times and have many different leaf patterns to keep it interesting.

‘Bon Bon Bright Yellow’ yellow flower heads that measure just 12 inches long and are suitable for a container. Calendula contains several compounds that repel insects. The flower pattern does not harm insects, it only scares them away.

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Thumbelina Leigh’ is a compact plant that grows 6 to 12 inches tall and is perfect for a container. If cut to half after flowering, this flower will bloom up to three times a year. The heavenly scent of lavender does not please mosquitoes.

Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away

Do you want to know how to grow this beautiful plant? Check out this post full of tips and tricks for growing lavender.

‘Variegata’ is an ornamental mint with white leaves and woolly flesh. The decorative leaves have a sweet mint scent, making them an attractive addition to the dish. All members of the mint family work as mosquito nets, but I chose this one specifically for my decorating.

Ageratum ‘Artist Blue’ contains coumarin, which is widely used in commercial mosquito repellents. Whether the flowers release enough spores is debatable. bluish violet; Low growing flowers are a welcome addition to this pretty arrangement.

‘Hot & Spicy’ Origanum subspecies has fuzzy leaves and small kicks in round green fans that splay into the receptacle as it grows.

Plants You Need If You Absolutely Want To Keep Mosquitoes Away

One of my favorite mosquito repellents. Its scent, lemongrass, is great if your container isn’t large enough for this profitable plant, you’ll likely find something to rub near you while walking in the garden. It’s quite invasive, so I allow a small patch near the fence to grow under control (“controlled” which means I water it periodically before it grows back).

The leaves are green and have a purple growth. The flavor is more of fennel or licorice than sweet basil. It’s an enchanting herb that’s delicious with coconut milk and red curry. Mint is usually basil like mint. I chose Thai basil specifically for its texture and flavor, but basil also helps prevent mosquito bites.

As an added bonus, if you eat a lot of basil, you need to try some of these great basil recipes!

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

It is an evergreen thyme with a lemon-like aroma and taste, and there are yellow and green varieties. Yellow flowers complement the centipedes and add sparkle to the garden. Lemon thyme is said to repel mosquitoes more effectively than other types of thyme.

Top 7 Mosquito Repellant Plants For Your Condo This 2023

Mosquitoes don’t like citronella grass, but mosquitoes don’t really like citronella. The ‘mosquito plant’ is a type of geranium that has a citronella-like scent and is not a good mosquito repellent in my experience. It’s nice to have a pleasant citrus scent in the garden, but there is little evidence that it repels mosquitoes.

Just creating a container and sending messages to the mosquito is not enough. The best way to use mosquito repellent in the garden is to place it near the gathering place at the entrance to the garden or lawn. Placing the container by the sidewalk or up the stairs leading to the roof allows people and pets to rub the scented leaves and scent the air. When you go outside, rub the plants with your hands and let the scent stick to your skin.

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Hi, I’m Stephanie Rose. I know firsthand the power of horticultural therapy because my love of plants can cure me of disease. Click here to read more about me and my background in horticultural therapy.

The Ultimate Guide: 34 Plants That Repel Mosquitos Naturally!

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This free 5-day mini-course will help you create a healthy and happy garden quickly and easily. Why invest in insecticides or repellents when you can kill mosquitoes naturally?

Best Potted Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Resting on the balcony, playing in the grass, bumps on the ankles of children, loud moans that prevent them from sleeping … Despite the short life of mosquitoes, mosquitoes cause mosquito resistance. Background Oasis We keep bugs away with chemicals or pesticides, but what other options are there for preventing mosquitoes and other pests from swarming around your outdoor furniture? These candles don’t really work. patch, wristbands are not effective for many people; But there is one thing that people have used for hundreds of years to reduce summer itch: nettles.

Best Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Growing pest control herbs and flowers is a tried and true answer to the eternal question.

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