Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor – Take a look at our farmhouse bathrooms, where we’ve tried to make it look like it did since the 1800s, but with modern plumbing. Bathtubs, pedestals, antique furniture and marble and brass ornaments make this place very beautiful.

This bathroom is an addition and does not have the attractive character that the rest of the house can boast. Laminate flooring and basic furnishings set this room apart from the original. Needless to say, the rest of the house was unlucky with roses.

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

We wanted to restore all the original quality of this farmhouse bathroom and make it feel like it has always been part of the house.

Ideas For Rustic Bathroom Decor

When we brought back the original character, I went to the local thrift store hoping to find a matching decoration and rose. Thanks, we have a lot to complete our project!

Another reason for this lovely update is that Luke and I plan to move our bedroom into the current living room. The living room changes to an unused formal dining room. It will help add more bedrooms upstairs for our growing family. Maybe you’re thinking, “How do you turn a living room into a bedroom?” Let me explain as soon as possible.

It already has a door, since it was a farmhouse in the 19th century, the bedroom didn’t have a closet either. We also have a large wardrobe to organize. When the living room is converted into a bedroom, this new bathroom becomes ours.

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Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms To Inspire A Cozy Upgrade

The bathroom project actually started last summer. While repairing the cabin, we removed the pipe from the garden cabin and mudded it.

The plan was to restore the cabin, but upon further investigation it was discovered that the cabin was beyond repair. It wasn’t a good use of the space on the property, so we tore it up, but kept the pool nice.

Someone came to the sand pit yard to keep it from rusting and it has been in the barn for the past nine months.

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

The addition of a bathtub made a huge difference in this room. I can’t tell you how good it feels to put little kids in the pool to wash off right away. At the end of the day. We remove the dirt from them and throw the dirty clothes directly into the washing machine. It is amazing and very effective.

The Quaint Sanctuary: { Thrifty & Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover }

When installing the pool, we found that there was a cabinet that the pool needed to go to. We removed it and replaced it with a shelf.

My favorite project in this entire renovation is Maya. I found this classic marble dresser on Facebook for about $250 and we had a local marble company cut the marble top.

I plan to share more about the process of making this carrier useless in an upcoming post. We must have had some distractions along the way, but it turns out I wanted it.

We also removed the drawers so we can still have some storage space and compensate for the water system in the area.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Rustic Bathrooms |

This glass was originally pulled from another antique dresser I bought for a little blue cabin. However, there were no mirrors there.

The brand was from a small Etsy shop. I like how it gives a historic feel while still allowing for super comfort.

The rugs were originally five rugs (found here) that we cut in half to make a towel rack near the bathtub and a towel rack near the sink.

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

As a nuisance, the laundry room shares this space with a nice new bathroom. As it is, we worked with it to fit seamlessly into the space by adding bead panels and seat rails.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Bathrooms You Will Love

Some baskets and baskets on the top shelf add charm and charm to the room.

In the final decision, the bare wall above the toilet gets some art. I remember this beautiful frame taken a year ago. This is an item with an antique frame…chances are you won’t find the art to go with it.

So this is my hack. Buy art on Etsy or your favorite place to buy art. Measure the inside of the frame. Create custom-sized graphics in Canva, then download to the custom graphic and embed the image inside. Then download and send to a local printer.

I have done this many times and now it works great all the time. I suggest using more landscape photos that won’t have actual distortion

Bathroom Shelf Decor With Ashlee From The Sassy Barn

Sink Faucet Antique Brass Pop Up Sink Drain Tub Faucet Brass Overflow Drain Peg Rack Sconce Extra Claw Foot (I forgot to mention this pool is missing one and we found a replacement on Etsy!) Agree to improve. Web browsing and website usage analysis to store cookies on your device to implement and assist with our marketing efforts.

Farmhouse lawns show no signs of slowing down, so if you haven’t jumped on the design bandwagon yet, now is the best time to do so. And what better place to put some of your farmhouse touches than your bathroom? The bathroom is a great place to try out trends – especially if you’re not yet ready to move in the rest of your home, and it can encourage you to slow down and enjoy the time you spend in the bath. Water and Bath .

Looking for motivation? We’ve got you covered. Check out 20 amazing farmhouse bathroom ideas that can work anywhere, yes, even yours.

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Light can create or divide spaces, but it is also a device that sets the tone for decoration. In this bathroom from Bespoke Only, the single-cage water tank is reminiscent of the country cottage in the best possible way. Nickel hardware and a slightly annoying cabinet around the look.

Diy Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Custom Storage And Style

When it comes to farmhouse bathroom ideas, it’s these shades that brighten up the room. Translation? Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned. We love the way designer Kate Lester has added cool wood and glass furniture to the mix.

As the farmhouse bathroom from Mazuko Warner proves even better. Three faucets and light fixtures show the warm but practical function often found in dilapidated farmhouses. Rounding off the room is a large floodplain.

Of course, bare wood walls are a great way to bring these plantation homes to life. . However, too much grain can make your bathroom feel small and claustrophobic. For a fun way, take care of your spots. Sag Harbor-based designer Alison Babcock creates a modern farmhouse look with light wood walls and black hardware.

Speaking of lighting, sconces are the perfect accessory for a farmhouse bathroom. This option is not only effective in the room, but it also costs less than a rich chandelier. And why trade for one when you can enjoy two? This bathroom from Kate Marker Interiors pulls off the look thanks to a set of sconces and painted walls.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Looking for a farmhouse bathroom idea that hits the sweet spot between form and function? Put a ladder against your wall like Cathy Hong did here. It’s the perfect place to throw your towel or coat, but it doesn’t detract from the style of your bathroom. .

A separate pool is a staple in a spacious farmhouse bathroom, and Karen Emil of Milk and Honey Life has turned her into a viable retreat. The brass fittings feel very homey, while the floating shelf above gives her a comfortable place to shower. You know, if a blogger wants to soak up the unexpected.

Textile designer John Robshaw gave his cluttered bathroom a tongue-in-cheek closure with a mural. Repeated words focused on trees will take you to the great landscape, if only for a moment.

Antique Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Bring the splendor of a small farmhouse to your shower by replacing classic curtains or doors for this cool style. Canadian designer Reina Sotropa stands at the door and makes a statement with white subway tiles and fiberglass shower chairs.

The Perfect Tiles For Farmhouse Decor

It may surprise you, but you don’t have to paint your bathroom, house, yard in a light and neutral color. For episodes that won’t spoil the style of your farmhouse, look for shades like the shade from Farrow & Ball.

Want to bring a farmhouse edge to your craft room? The key is to treat your bathroom like any other room in the house and equip it as needed. For some, it may turn out to be old fashioned clothing. But for Philip Thomas, the magic lies in decorating the walls with beautiful art.

Do you want a wooden wall from floor to ceiling? Okay, you can always give your wainscoting a little extra TLC. Take a touch of goat fruit that matches the pearl plate A

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