How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

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Most homeowners know that if their home or business was built before 1990, it may contain asbestos. It is often found in textured paint, walls, floors, ceilings, oil and coal stoves, and even soil around your home that has deteriorated or been improperly disposed of in the past.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

But did you know that your insulation can also contain asbestos? Unlike other countries, we are fortunate to have very few asbestos insulation products here in New Zealand. However, this does not mean that our old insulation is 100% asbestos free and any insulation is safe to work with.

Asbestos Fact Sheet

Asbestos insulation is an insulating product used to retain heat. This refers to the insulation you find in the walls and ceiling of your home, or even in old oil and coal stoves, wood burners and door seals.

Asbestos insulation was also commonly used around hot water cylinders and their pipes and fittings. In this form, it sometimes looks like rough, gray concrete, but it is often painted or covered with a protective coating.

Although not very common in New Zealand, asbestos insulation can also be blown away with asbestos. This loose insulation product was once imported into the country.

To homes across the United States. At least 30 million homes still have this dangerous product.

Department Of Health

In the 1960s and 1970s, Australia also had its share of problematic smuggling. Asbestos fluff ceiling insulation, commonly known as Mr Fluffy, has been installed in properties across Australia. A demolition program was implemented in the 1980s, but many of the homes were so contaminated that it was more expensive to demolish them.

As important as it is to know what to look for in insulation to determine if it contains asbestos, it is not always the insulation that is the problem. Sometimes, it can be lonely

For example, Super Six and Super Eight roofs were commonly used roofing materials before 1990 and contained asbestos. Over the years and without proper care, small asbestos fibers can fall onto the ceiling insulation. This is the reason why insulation companies must have an asbestos management plan.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

What asbestos insulation looks like depends on where you live and the type of insulation you have. As mentioned earlier, our homes are less likely to have asbestos insulation than our Austrian neighbors, but there is no harm in knowing what it looks like as a precaution.

Solved! What Does Asbestos Insulation Look Like?

Loose fill insulation can be soft gray, blue or white. It’s loose, which means it doesn’t look like your typical wool and fiberglass products that we have today.

The best way to find out if your insulation contains asbestos or is contaminated with asbestos is to test it. The asbestos testing company you choose can take a small sample of your insulation and even your roofing materials to determine if it is asbestos.

Once you have this information, you can plan how to approach the newly discovered problem. Generally, homeowners have three options for approaching asbestos contamination: remove it, cover it, or leave it if it is in good condition.

Your unique situation, your desire to renovate and your budget can determine the course of action you take.

Asbestos For Home Buyers And Sellers

Asbestos is a dangerous material, so it’s natural to be concerned if you suspect this material is present in your home. After all, asbestos causes life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and various types of cancer.

If you are concerned about asbestos insulation in your home, contact an asbestos specialist to learn more. They can ease your concerns with a negative test or give you management options if you get a positive test.

Whether you suspect asbestos insulation or are concerned about other asbestos-containing materials in your home, you don’t have to handle the situation yourself. Talk to an asbestos specialist for advice on what to do next. Our team of experts can provide you with testing services, removals and general advice for your peace of mind. Are you worried that your attic insulation may contain asbestos? Here’s how to tell if your attic has asbestos and what to do if you suspect the worst.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

For the layman, asbestos is a manufactured, synthetic material that can make you sick. Contrary to popular belief, you can find asbestos in nature. Soil and rocks are common places to find asbestos.

To Remove Or Not: Dangerous Asbestos Contaminated Vermiculite

These mineral fibers are resistant to electricity, chemicals and heat. Because of this characteristic, the textile, automotive and construction industries contain products and materials that contain asbestos.

Older attic insulation in your home may also contain asbestos fibers. Before we were aware of its dangers, manufacturers used it as a form of insulation.

The problem is that over time, the cotton-like asbestos fibers break down into microscopic pieces that are released into the air. You can breathe in asbestos fibers that settle in your lungs over time.

Long-term exposure to asbestos in insulation can lead to life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Is Asbestos Present In The Downpipes Of My House?

Better not wait any longer. Learn how to tell if your attic has asbestos in this article.

Cigarettes, asbestos insulation or asbestos insulation were once considered good for you and healthy. There was a time when people believed that asbestos attic insulation was one of the best types of insulation because of its heat resistance. We have since discredited this myth.

In the United States, asbestos removal and abatement are standard practices involving licensed, certified, and insured companies and professionals. Although the United States has not yet banned asbestos, government agencies such as the EPA enforce local and state laws and federal regulations regarding asbestos. You can read about asbestos removal and disposal laws like the Clean Air Act.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

How do you know if your insulation contains asbestos? An indication is when your house was built. Many older homes have asbestos-containing insulation. If your home was built in 2000 and earlier and you haven’t replaced your attic insulation, you may still have asbestos insulation.

Asbestos In Homes

What about asbestos insulation in old homes? Asbestos ceiling insulation of years ago was similar to today’s insulation. In the past they had asbestos insulation and nowadays we still have blown insulation. The difference is that today asbestos is not used in fiberglass insulation. Today’s high quality blown or loose fill insulation uses stable high fiber.

. Now called spray foam insulation, modern attic professionals use open or closed cell spray foam for this type of insulation. Other types of asbestos attic insulation are batt/blanket, block insulation and vermiculite.

Another way to detect asbestos insulation is to examine the texture and color of your existing insulation. However, if you have concerns about asbestos insulation, don’t overthink it and contact attic insulation services.

What does asbestos insulation look like? Vermiculite insulation almost always contains asbestos. Vermiculite is easily recognized as a shiny gray-brown or silver-gold insulation. Its texture is like pebbles or popcorn.

Does This Loose Insulation Look Like It Might Contain Asbestos?

Zonolite is a trademark for vermiculite insulation. If you ever notice the description and see the Zonolite brand, contact a certified attic professional.

“I think I have old cellulose insulation?” “Is that dangerous?” “How to tell the difference between cellulose and asbestos insulation?” Don’t worry, because cellulose insulation is completely safe and different from recycled paper.

Professional ceiling inspectors can warn you about pipe insulation. Pipes in utility rooms, furnace rooms and basements are likely to have asbestos insulation. Pipe insulation looks like corrugated paper or cardboard and is gray or white.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

Attic insulation experts recommend fiberglass or spray foam insulation as a better choice compared to harmful asbestos insulation.

How To Estimate The Cost Of Asbestos Removal

Fiberglass is shiny, smooth and white like cotton. Spray foam is wet sprayed and comes in white, yellow, purple and green colors.

The quick answer is what it looks like. If it looks like vermiculite pebbles, it’s probably asbestos insulation and if it looks like cotton candy fiberglass, you’re probably good.

What to do with questionable insulation? Call a professional attic specialist immediately if you suspect you have asbestos-containing insulation discussed above.

You may now know how to spot asbestos insulation, but the authority on the subject is still a certified attic specialist. They specialize in older attic methods like asbestos insulation and listed brands like Zonolite.

Asbestos Fireproofing & Fire Prevention Materials

They are experienced in how to search and test for asbestos and are knowledgeable about the strict laws governing asbestos removal and disposal. Did you know that it must be wet and contain asbestos during removal? Certified attic professionals have protective masks and equipment to protect against airborne asbestos.

We recommend leaving the dangerous work of asbestos identification and removal to the professionals.

A loft protects you from the heat of the sun and keeps you warmer on cold days. It offers storage and if you want, you can turn it into an extra bedroom or play area. A finished, well-insulated attic will also automatically increase the market value of your home.

How To Tell If Insulation Contains Asbestos

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What Does Asbestos Look Like? Asbestos Identification

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